Jim Byrne on Extreme Weather Conditions- Taking a Deeper Dig into the Entire Matter

The year 2017 has been holding records for several things, be it the scientific innovations, individual achievements, or whatever you name, each and every field has found something remarkable in the year 2017. Same is the trend in the remorseful incidents as well. Stated in the books is the state California which has faced the brutality of weather and gone dry for three consecutive seasons. This is itself a record for the entire United States because it has not only affected the lives, but also the economy of the entire nation.
The meteorologists like Jim Byrne and many more have been growingly concerned about the specific weather conditions that are mainly attributed to global warming. Since the weather is one of the variables of nature, it is not possible for the meteorologists to know whether it was any change in weather conditions or not that cause such a drought in California. So instead of making any firm connections, the scientists have actually steered away into something new.
How Jim Byrne Thinks the Progress in Climate Reading is taking Different Turn?
Research and development work has never been at a complete halt, and as a result of it, a new branch of climate science is being studied, and Jim Byrne claims that it has indeed started giving some positive result in reading the weather conditions. There have been two options primarily- the global warming and changing weather conditions, either of which is considered to be responsible for the drought in California. It can be either of the two, both or even none. And scientists believe that in the years to come, people, as well as the Government, would have a clear concept of what things are and head towards changing their policies.
Over the last few decades, the main concern of most of the meteorologists and board of global climate science has been the estimated mean surface temperature by the year 2100. This is indeed important because the increase in the mean surface temperature would actually show the way in learning and preparing for the climatic changes that are yet to follow in the years to come.
But is global warming being somewhat neglected in the entire process? Most of the people have got the tendency of keeping global warming in the back seat, considering it to be something that is ought to happen. Anything extreme is not good and has got some adverse effect for sure and it is the entire ecosystem that is at stake as the day's progress and effects of global warming start hitting.
Attributing the climate for any extreme weather change would actually make it too straightforward and avoiding the reason in between the lines might not be that safe. However, the close relationship between weather and climate cannot be ignored and stating climate as the average daily weather over a long period of time for a place is not wrong at all. It’s all upon perspectives, but the world wants a definitive solution to the entire problem.
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