How to Increase Your Chance of Getting a Patent

An invention can be protected from being stolen by obtaining a patent. If you want to apply for one, you must be certain your product is new. This can be determined using many online channels. The application process need not be so complex. There are young inventors who have sought protection for their inventions through provisional patents that are useful for their careers in the long run. Learn how to nail patent application for your product.

Determine if your invention is original

New ideas are patented, but when applying, patience is a virtue. Do not waste time and money on a technology that already exists. Do your best to search deeply and accurately on the Internet, databases or sales brochures. Patent offices provide online databases with access to millions of patent documents across the globe. It can even teach you how to search for patents. This helps you determine if your idea is truly original, and that is where you should start if you have decided to apply for a patent.

Get backing

Inventions have to be unique to be granted a patent, and if yours is new and original, you are more likely to gain support from a wealthy backer. Wealthy sources can back something that is one of a kind, and something that would benefit them in the long run.

Find professional support

A “specification” is a legal document in the UK that serves as a basis for a patent. Its contents do not only decide if a patent can be granted, but also the rights of a granted cover. Even if it is not a requirement to seek help from a legal practitioner, it is still useful to consult one. The chances of obtaining a patent are higher when using an intellectual property practitioner. The Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys offers IP clinics for free to provide basic information and advice for unrepresented applicants. They can also help you find a patent attorney.

Be prepared for the different phases of patent application

The process of applying for a patent involves five main phases. First, is the preparation of specification, next is the request for a patent, third is the preliminary search and examination, then publication and request for substantive examination. If you meet all the requirements, the Intellectual Property office will grant your patent, then publish your application. The last process would be sending your certificate. This gives you ownership rights for 20 years, if you pay renewal fees annually. Unpaid renewal fees effectively end the rights for the patent.

Patents support and empower innovation. Businesses can treat intellectual property as valuable assets. The involvement of industry giants, such as in the technology sector, does not come as a surprise. Many businesses now avail of patent protection to gain a competitive edge. They continue to find ways they can increase their chances of being granted patents. These may include finding professional support from the best attorneys or using tools such as patent writing software.
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