How to Avoid Rental Apartment Scams in Edinburgh

We’ve all heard of non-existence rental apartments. Some people have booked apartments different from what they saw on the website. It is disappointing to find out that an apartment you’ve booked does not exist. There are lots of online fraudsters using this trick to steal from potential visitors.

Others use great apartment images only for renters to find that these are different from what the apartments are actually like in reality. There frauds are common with online apartment bookings. However, this does not mean that there are no legitimate apartment companies and agencies. Here are great tips to save you from apartment scams.

Read reviews

Reviews from real people can be a good start. There are lots of review sites where you can get reliable information on various apartment agencies. From these reviews, it easy to blacklist some of the rental apartment scams. Most apartment companies also have a review section where their past clients leave feedback. Make an effort to read this feedback to determine the legitimacy of an apartment agency.

Contact the apartment agency

In most cases, fraudsters have no contact information. Try to contact the apartment management via phone or email. If you get an automated response, you are probably dealing with a fraudster. A real and legit apartment agency should respond to your enquiries as soon as they receive them.

Deal with a legitimate property owner/agency

The best way to avoid apartment scams is to deal directly with a reputable apartment company. If you are looking for the best apartments in Edinburgh, make sure that you are in touch with one of the best rental apartment companies in the city. You can verify their existence using Google Maps. The physical address and contact details should also be available. Don’t just choose an apartment based on its images.

Do thorough research

The internet is the best avenue to get every detail you need. An online search about a property will help you determine its existence. Check on the physical address and compare the details. You can also compare accommodation prices to determine the market rental rates. If you find unreasonably low prices, then that could indicate another fraudster. An apartment should offer value for your money.

As there are a myriad of options readily available and each claim to offer the best services, one must be utterly cautious prior to arriving at a final decision. Well, considering the aforementioned tips would surely be beneficial as through them, you would be able to pick the best apartment on rent from among the lot.

Lastly, use a payment method by which you can easily track your transactions. The best methods to pay for rental apartments are via PayPal and credit/debit cards. If you are in doubt about a certain payment method, stop and do more research. Most fraudsters will use payment methods where you cannot track back your money.

Therefore, as you compare different apartment features and prices, remember to check on the payment terms. The general rule to avoid property scams is to start your search as early as possible. This will provide you ample time to scrutinize any potential rental property.
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