Calvary Houston Reveals the Extravagant Love of Jesus

Everyone claims to love someone or the other in their lives, it could be their parents, children, teachers, friends or just anyone else, but there is really not much depth in that kind of love. The truth is, most of the love that we see today is conditional, but Calvary Houston reveals what exactly is unconditional love.

It was Jesus who displayed the true, unconditional, extravagant love for the people He loved. The love of Jesus was vividly witnessed when He hung on the cross for three hours and lost his life by shedding every single drop of his blood. Even throughout his entire life, Jesus showed his love for God by being absolutely obedient to his earthly parents and being ever so ready to carry out the plan of God in his life.

How Community Church Like Calvary Houston Looks At the Bible?

The chapter 12 in the book of John in the Bible, clearly states that the time had come when Jesus was going to display his ultimate for the human race and God the Father. He was humiliated, insulted, spat upon, lashed, crowned with thorns and tortured much more than the normal physical being of a person can bear. This extravagant love of Jesus was spoken about and explained by pastors at a program organized by Calvary Houston.

The love of Jesus can be understood from the verses of the Bible which state that Jesus left his throne of being one of the Holy Trinity – God the father, god the Son and God the Holy spirit and came down to earth to live the life of a man, and also to bring man salvation from the sins of their forefathers. It is because Jesus died for the sins of man, God the merciful father, exempted man from eternal damnation that Adam and Eve had earned because of their disobedience.

This unconditional love of both God and Jesus is thus revealed very clearly in the sacrificing of Jesus’ luxurious kingly throne in heaven to be mocked at and made to endure death on earth. He did not think about himself when He conceded with God’s plan of him having to be crucified, one of the most difficult and painful forms of punishment during that time.

The extent of human love can at the most be to a point where they do give up their lives for someone they love and someone who they think is worthy of that sacrifice. But the love exhibited by Jesus goes far beyond that, He lay down his life for the most unworthy people. The Bible mentions events from the life of Christ where He preaches to the people that He had come for the sinners, the downtrodden, the outcasts, and especially for all those whom the world thinks to be undeserving of any kind of love.

Even while He was on the cross suffering the most inhumane torture, He forgave all those who caused Him so much pain, pain that was unbearable. Thus, was the Extravagant Love of Jesus Christ!
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