A Young Mother Wins Oz Lotto Jackpot of 40 Million Dollars

Oz Lotto has been turning players into millionaires instantly. Early this month, a young mother from Cairns was in disbelief when she learnt that she had won 40 million dollars. Anyone would be shocked despite how much they wanted to win when they bought the tickets. She expressed her disbelief when she went to claim the prize that many had hoped they would win.

Plans after Winning the Oz Lotto Jackpot 

Just like many other winners, the young mother said that she wanted to remain anonymous after she became one of the biggest Oz Lotto winners in the history. She knew that her dreams would come true and she had all plans laid down. In her list of to do things was to give her family a big holiday and buying their dream home. She also hoped that her husband would work for fewer hours so that they could spend more time together as a family. After all, they did not have to worry about the basic needs.

It Was Hard to Believe She Was One of the Oz Lotto Winners 

After the winning Oz Lotto numbers are announced, no one believes they have won even after confirming they have the right combination. It was the same for the winner from Cairns. She said that even after she was declared the winner of 40 million dollars early this month, it was surreal and she could not still believe that she had so much money. She only thought about her biggest dreams and that of her family.

The Winning Numbers 

According to the Oz Lotto results, she became the sole winner after she matched the six required and drawn numbers.  On the lucky day, she headed to shop 126 at News Express Cairns Central in Cairns Shopping Centre, McLeod Street Cairns where she purchased the ticket. A ticket worth 7.90 dollars is what made her 40 million dollars. It is worth every thought, time and dollar spent on it.

The Second Biggest Winner after the Oz Lotto Results 

After matching the Oz Lotto winning numbers that were 1, 35, 31, 19, 4, 13 and 26, she managed to scoop the second highest amount that was offered in the year 2017. She broke the record of becoming not only the second winner to take home millions of dollars, but also the first jackpot winner after five weeks. 25 and 37 were the supplementary numbers.

Oz Lotto has been giving people from around the world a chance to be millionaires and now it is even possible to buy Oz Lotto tickets online, and this has proved to work.  It turns out to be Australia’s largest lotto jackpot prize giving every player a chance to become an instant millionaire. Winners can get the results of the week every Tuesday at 2030 hours. This is when everyone who has bought a ticket gets to know if they hit the jackpot or they won any other prize. Whether you are young or old, as long as you combine the numbers perfectly, you can become a winner.
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