A Guide to What You Need to Know About Computer Recycling

The Need for Computer Recycling 

With everyone feeling pressure to keep up to date with technology, you will no doubt find yourself or your business needing to dispose of electrical items. What you may not know is that it is actually a legal requirement to recycle since 2013, to reduce the vast amount of landfill we create in the UK each year. Recycling is also important as electrical items have a mixture of hazardous materials inside which can pose health risks to people scavenging for parts and transporting materials. In addition, it is important to keep data and sensitive information safe and destroy any remnants left on the computer hard drive. Recycling through companies such as Virogreen promises to provide totally secure data destruction to give total piece of mind.

What is WEEE?

WEEE stands for the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment and the directives around these is part of UK legislation. WEEE items include most products that use a plug or batteries. Some years, 2 million tonnes of WEEE is discarded in the UK.

What Does WEEE Mean for my Business?

All businesses need to register and label their products to show customers how to best recycle them. The directives also state that producers of electrical products must be part of a Producer Compliance Scheme (PCS) to make sure that WEEE targets are met. If a business sells electronic items it has a duty to give customers a way to recycle their old items by providing a collection service or having a service for customers to send their items free of charge. Records must be kept as proof of computer recycling.

Computer Recycling Providers

As an individual you should be able to recycle computers with the company but if not, they should contribute to the costs of local recycling. They must provide written details of how you can recycle. Virogreen and other companies recycle your WEEE for free and suggest that you should restore to factory settings before computer recycling. You should back up all important data as there will be total data destruction after Virogreen or similar services.
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