The new Smart Band Cubot V2 accessible from Info Quest Technologies

Cubot has extended its product portfolio toward wearables moreover smartphones, for a long time now. Afterward the smart watch and smart bracelets converted popular, a firm like Cubot could not stay behind and offered the R8 smart watch.

Later on, there was the V1 Smart Band as well as the present model is Cubot V2 Smart Band. Since there has been lots of confusion amongst users on how toward set up the device, the firm uploaded an outline video with step by step configuration.

Increasing the range of mobile plus connected products accessible in the Greek market, Info Quest Technologies, a firm of the Quest Group, has broadcasted the release of the new Smart Band, Cubot V2.

The new Cubot's easy-to-use plus practical Smart Band connects simply to all smartphones - i0S 8.0 plus Android 4.3 - and offers many health, , sports, sleep, weight and report info on a daily, weekly plus monthly basis . Using a new, additional accurate dimension algorithm, the Cubot V2 records the amount of steps and stimulates for movement while there is a long period of idleness.

In adding, thanks to the 24-hour checking and recording function, the device records heartbeats in actual time, and the user can set the extreme permissible pulse plus alarm value so that it cannot be overcome.

It is moreover worth noting that the Cubot V2 monitors the period and excellence of sleep, has an alarm clock, counts kilometers as well as calories consumed, plus alerts you while the phone obtains incoming calls, messages, or additional application alerts. Stylish, waterproof plus made of sturdy and skin-friendly material, the Cubot V2 is the faultless accessory for men and women who want to increase their physical condition.

The Smart Band V2 features a 3-axis sensor, Bluetooth 4.0 as well as a battery of up to 7 days of function. All the info is presented on the 0.88″ OLED display that sports a 128*32 pixels resolution. Furthermore, the band is made of TPU that has air vents toward let the skin breathe. In adding to the V2, Cubot is prepared to release the Smart Band V3 that would feature a 6-axis sensor together with a UV sensor toward warn about additional UV radiation.

The first Cubot smart wearable device was released in May, plus barely four months later, has the Chinese tech firm released a follow-up, the appropriately named Cubot V2. Numerous tech experts expect Cubot to work out the inadequacies of the first generation model while including new features in the V2.

The smart wristband could be synced with supported smart phones through Bluetooth 4.0 connection. The Cubot V2 supports smart phones runs on Android 4.3 or novel versions, and iOS 8.0 otherwise newer versions. Charging the smart band can be done over a microUSB slot.

The Cubot V2 derives with a lot of software features. It has a step monitor, heart rate monitor, calorie monitor, call reminder feature, , real-time GPS sensor, SMS notification, sleep monitor, anti-theft reminder, find phone feature, and remote camera feature.
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