The Class 10 Exams: Laying Down the Foundations to Success

Of all the exams that students must face in their life, the class 10 exam is perhaps the most defining exam that will determine their future. Preparing for this event is a daunting task for many due to the vast syllabus. Consistent practice throughout the year is an absolute necessity if one wishes to conquer this exam.

The Nightmare of Numbers:

Mathematics has always proven to be a subject that is quite easy for some and abysmally difficult for others. It is nothing short of a ghastly nightmare for the students who struggle to understand its complex formulae and detailed theorems.

Proving these theorems and applying multiple formulae to arrive at solutions can be quite challenging for a student who is not particularly familiar with the language of mathematics. In this article, we will consider two of the trickiest chapters in the NCERT mathematics text book.


The second chapter in the NCERT book is based on the concept of polynomials. Understanding the intricacies of the structure of polynomials is not an easy task. A copy of NCERT solutions for class 10th maths chapter 2 will be a very helpful companion on the road to mastery. The chapter begins with the theory of zeroes in polynomials written as functions of a variable.

Playing around with these coefficients and assigning different values to the variable in the polynomial is a nice way to study this topic. This will help the student understand the theoretical aspects. A polynomial is a valuable resource that can be used to model any physical system. The chapter then moves on to the polynomial long-division algorithm. Once the algorithm has been understood, it is not difficult to solve any problem in this part of the unit, regardless of the complexity.

Quadratic Equations

The CBSE class 10 maths quadratic equations chapter is another tricky unit. It gives a detailed description of the theory behind the modeling of quadratic equations with a few intuitive examples. Solving worksheets and question papers from previous years is the only way to master this topic. With constant practice, the student will be able to understand the general pattern of these problems.

A quadratic equation comes into picture when there are two possible solutions to the same equation. The equation will make sense if any of these two values is assigned to the variable. The highest degree of a monomial in a quadratic equation is 2. This topic will force the student to apply a completely new set of formulae. ‘Completing the square’ is an essential technique that is used in various branches of science and engineering.

The student must learn to apply the concepts of quadratic equations to real world problems. This is the only way to solidify the concepts in this topic mentally. For instance, a geometrical problem involving a triangle or rectangle where the same variable relates all the sides can be solved using quadratic equations.Plugging in different values for the variable and plotting the solution on a graph is essential in most engineering applications.

Preparations for the class 10 exam should begin months before the exam itself. If the student can come up with an efficient time table and follow it, success is almost guaranteed.
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