Signs Of A Reliable Recruitment Agency

There are various online recruitment agencies available on the internet today. All of them promise an excellent performance. But are they actually reliable? These recruitment agencies nowadays work as a source for HR managers. They trust these agencies to find potential candidates. But not all agencies provide authentic candidates, not all go through a background check as promised nor do they provide correct information themselves.

But that does not mean that all agencies are bad or companies can't/ shouldn’t approach these agencies for sourcing. So in such conditions how can organizations find which agency is reliable and which is not? There are a few signs that help in identifying which agency can be trusted and which is more likely to be fraudulent.

Recruitment agencies are of two types: generalized and specialized. Both of these must have gained some goodwill and trust in the market with their work. To know whether a recruitment agency is reliable or nor not one must see what reputation they hold in the market.

How many other organizations recognize them and what do they say about them. Recruitment market is having huge competition now where all agencies project them to be the best. In such conditions, you should look for positive feedbacks for the particular agency.

Well Informed

Companies should thoroughly check if their agencies are well informed. Recruitment is a high-pressure job and competition being fierce all agencies make sure they are best in all aspects. In such condition, if the agency isn’t knowledgeable about certain job profiles or basic requirements, recruiter assessment test, standard pay scale,  etc. that means they are not doing their job correctly. This indicates that the agency has substandard in performance.


All jobs need a specific amount of confidence and those too challenging jobs with targets, such as recruitment. So, does the agency need to show, confidence in their work. But when these agencies show over confidence, try to give unrealistic hopes, and higher promises are being made is a sign of unprofessional approach. Agencies with overconfidence show they are amateur or fake.

Success Rate

Any agency which is reliable must have a good success rate. They must have successfully staffed a few companies. But if online agencies cannot provide information of any company or companies they have done successful staffing for is a wrong one to choose. And if they provide you with details of companies they have worked for, look for positive feedback from them.


Now, when the whole online platform is flooded with scams, it is essential to choose an agency which is registered with appropriate agencies. The best options would be government bodies or semi-government body to which the agency must be registered.


Agencies which are able to match the requirements perfectly with skill sets of employees, provide certain recruiter assessment test to screen candidates, search for candidates with similar expectations as is your offer for the job profile, are reliable.


Reliable agencies where only charge after successful staffing of employees and may charge some for providing potential candidates having required skills. So if the agency is pressurizing on payment beforehand it is a negative sign. This is clear sign that you must not choose such an agency for your recruitment.
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