Prevent the Fire As Soon As Possible with Dryer Vent Cleaning Phoenix AZ

Most homes in US have dryers that built with dryer vent system. This dryer vent system is made as a path for gas, heat, and moisture to come out from your house or building. Sounds good, but unfortunately, as the result a dryer vent system might contain hazards which are invisible. And surprisingly, the hazards from this dryer vent are number one culprit of fires in more than 15,500 homes a year in US. Deaths and injuries are two serious result of this occurrence.

The leading cause of this dryer vent fires is lint cleaning failure. As we know how the dyer vent works, a clothing dryer will absorbs and forces hot air through a revolving drum. During this process, the moisture, heat, or other gases from your clothes will accumulate and start to form lint which is caught in a filter called as lint trap. This filter only stops about 75% of the lint while the rest will be accumulated in the dyer vent system, including the dryer itself. What happen next? When you do no proper installation and maintenance, the accumulation of lint and such debris will reduce your dyer’s airflow which leads to temperature level raising and highly flammable material is ready to burn down your building.

The numbers of fires caused by dryer vent are high, US Department of Homeland Security, through their US Fire Administration reports that at least 400 injuries and 15 deaths happen each year. We cannot say that this is an accident but rather because of our carelessness to install, maintain, clean, and repair the dryer vent properly. So, if there is a dryer system in your home or building, it is significant for you to be familiar about the safety guidelines of some potential hazards.

Whenever you notice these signs, it is a warning for you to get your dryer vent cleaned soon:
  • You wait longer for the clothes to dry
  • Musty smell and excessive moisture surround your laundry room
  • Dryer lint start dropping on the ground or sticking out of the dryer from the outside
  • There is only a little lint in the lint trap
  • Driver vent flap not moving although the dryer is working
Even when any of those 5 signs not happen, you still have to clean your dryer vent system if it has never been cleaned over a year. If your clothes dryer is vented with vinyl or plastic materials, we recommend you to do so. Plus, a clean and clear dyer vent will allow your clothes to dry faster and leads to energy efficiency with lower utility costs. Not to mention the improved indoor air quality!

There are many benefits and any risks could be prevented by getting your dryer vent cleaned. Although you can do it by yourself, time and powerful equipments could be your problems. So how about get your things done and let us take care of your dryer vent? Golden’s Good Air is the most trusted service provider of dryer vent cleaning Phoenix AZ. As a licensed expert, our professionals are trained and responsible to give you our golden service.

If your building is located on Phoenix, you can call us to do dryer vent cleaning in Phoenix AZ. On the very first time our technicians come, they will inspect your dryer vents if there is any signs of serious damage or clogging. Then ahead to the small problems that are not easy to spot like on long vents, bends, elbows, and crevices where the lint clogging tends to be occurred. Removal of the lint will be done in no time. The Fire Marshall recommend us to practice annual cleaning to prevent lint fires so whenever possible, we reroute dryer vents to the side of the house/building to make it easier for regular maintenance.

We’ve been in this industry for years so you can always count on us whatever your problem is. Angie’s List Super Service Award, BBB Accredited Business, Home Advisor Screened & Approved, National Chimney Sweep Guild are only some of our recognition and achievements. As we value our customer, there always be periodically promos. With Golden’s Good Air, you can always compromise the appointment schedule because for your home safety, it’s better late than never. Call us today for dryer vent cleaning service in Phoenix AZ to prevent fires as soon as possible!
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