Oracle and the services provided by it

What is Oracle?

Technically, Oracle database is a relational database system which is offered by Oracle Corporation. Oracle database is the most widely used and trusted database engines. The Oracle system is built on a relational database framework where the users can easily access data through different queries. It has a network component which helps in communication across the network.

Often called as Oracle DB, it is also known as Oracle RDBMS or sometimes just Oracle. When it comes to the databases in the market, there are many other databases, but Oracle DB has its competition with the Microsoft SQL Server. One does not need to learn Oracle and Microsoft SQL separately, as they have a common structure from which they are built upon. With the passage of time the usefulness and demand have been consistently increasing for the same, and hence the significance of the same is much more these days than past.

The Oracle DB is compatible with most of the platforms. Some of them are listed here:

·         UNIX
·         Mac OS
·         Windows
·         Linux etc.

There are many versions of Oracle DB which are available in the market and one can choose according to his requirements and budget. Some of the editions of Oracle DB are as under:

·         Oracle Lite: It is used for mobile devices.

·         Xpress Edition (XE): It is a light weight edition which is free of cost and is limited for OS Windows and Linux hence one can see it is used by mass.

·         Standard Edition: This edition is for users that do not require an Enterprise Edition robust package.
·         Enterprise Edition: This edition contains all the features which include security, high performance and robust.

Services provided by Oracle

Various softwares have been developed over time. Oracle consulting service provides experts who are well aware of meeting the challenges of cost effectiveness, speed and low risk that the customers need.

There are many top Oracle consulting companies which can help one meet the criteria of the best management that one can offer in business. These companies provide software solutions to the organizations while minimizing their risk.

Other than the services rendered by Oracle, it offers Oracle Cloud which is one of the most integrated and broadest clouds which provides the best software services, Infrastructure, and platform.

Oracle cloud has taken the services provided by Oracle to this whole other dynamic. It has helped organizations and business by helping them lowering their costs, increasing their business agility and reducing the complexity which is often faced in IT. One can also assist in reducing their environmental footprint by using some of the best and award winning Oracle data centers which are known to be efficient in energy.

Many other applications were launched by Oracle such as Oracle financial suites, CRM’s (Customer Relationship Management), etc.

These softwares are used by large corporations as well as small organizations. The reason for its increase in demand is because of its flexibility and diversity in nature.
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