Luxury Drug Rehab Center Guide

Luxury drug rehab is a type of drug rehab center that provides comfortable accommodation for the patients. It has a higher standard than the public rehab that usually arrange patients to sleep in a dorm like room and has a hospital setting. It is the same as the traditional rehab and provides all the same treatment facilities such as detox, and individual/group counseling. What sets apart it from the traditional rehab is that it also provides recreational facilities such as swimming pool and spa.

More and more people are now opting for luxury drug rehab because they are not comfortable in the hospital setting of a traditional rehab. The hospital setting of the traditional rehab can make a drug/alcohol addict feel depressed. They are being treated the same as people that are ill in the hospital.Rehab facility California uses its elegant building and luscious environment to create a home feel so that the patient will feel comfortable during their stay.

The comfortable environment can ease the anxiety of the patient and encourage them to continue making progress in the treatment. You won’t find yourself wanting to leave the facility early in a luxury drug rehab. The luxurious facilities and beautiful environment will encourage you to want to stay for treatment until the end of the rehab program. Luxury drug rehab can save a drug/alcohol addict that stubbornly refuse to check into an addiction rehab center to receive treatment.

Most public rehab centers don’t offer therapy programs and they rely on traditional treatment methods to treat the patients instead. Unlike public rehab, you will be able to find various forms of therapies at a luxury drug rehab. Music therapy is one of the therapies offered and it involves helping the patients to develop music skills to allow them to vent out their emotions to stop the depression. In music therapy, the patient may engage in dancing, songwriting, libbing on music and playing music games. Music therapy can have a positive impact on the patient and give him the motivation to want to continue in taking part in the treatment.

Animal therapy is also frequently offered at a luxury drug rehab center. In animal therapy, the patients with interact with animals. For example, in equine therapy, the patient will interact with horse and the horse will often make noises to give its feedback. This can help the patient to release his emotions and overcome the negativity in their lives. The patients can volunteer to help at the animal shelter during the animal therapy sessions.

Art therapy helps the patients to express themselves through stress painting, sculpting and drawing. Art therapy can help the patients to stop denying their addiction behavior and thus avoid the treatment. It will take away the shame that the patient feels towards receiving treatment.

Apart from therapies, patients will undergo different types of addiction counseling at the drug rehab. Drug rehab counselor can give counseling to the patient on an one-on-one basis. The counselor has good listening skill and he will listen attentively to the patient. The counselor will come up with problem solving skills to help the patients overcome the obstacles so that they can smoothly make a full recovery from the addiction.

Another form of counseling at the drug rehab center is the group therapy. Everyone in the rehab program is required to take part in the group counseling session. Group session typically occurs 3 – 5 times per week whereas private counseling usually take place just once every week. In group therapy session, the participants are being divided into many groups. Participants can be switched back and forth from one group to another depending on the circumstances.

All the meals of the patients have been planned in the luxury drug rehab. Each meal is made of nutritious food to give nourishment to the body of the addicts. Having appropriate nourishment in your diet is important in order to make a full recovery.
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