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The stock market is not just a barometer of the progress of an economy but it also offers a number of job and business opportunities to the people. Those who love to make some investment in the market can doubtlessly earn in a long run but the traders can also get the benefits if they have a right trading policy and insight of the market. It is a place where those who have some knowledge about finance and corporate can just en-cash their knowledge by buying and selling of some of the securities in the market.

The trading: For effective trading on the exchange one needs to open a Demat as well as a trading account to a broking firm or a capital market company. Here, one needs to note that there are also many brokers who offer account opening and trading services to the client. For every trade the client needs to pay some brokerage to the broker. Hence it is much necessary for a trader to get a discount broker in India that can help to save some good amount on brokerage charges. There are two systems as per which they charge the brokerage. One is advanced brokerage while another is regular or standard brokerage. The brokerage is the main source of revenue for the companies as well as brokers and hence they hardly compromise on this front.

The brokerage: The brokerage is decided between the client and the service provider at the time of signing the agreement only. It can be a lumpsum amount per trade or even a fixed percentage of total billing amounts with every trade. It is an area where the client as well as the broker has to be much careful. It is an expense for the client and hence he just wants to save money that can help him fetch more profit. On the other end, it is the primary source of earning for a broker and hence he loves to get the best rate.

The trader who goes for a huge volume of trading everyday can have advantage as this stage as he can show that he has huge trading that can offer ample brokerage to the broker even if he is provided with a discounted rate of brokerage. Some brokers also offer lower rate of brokerage if the client is ready to provide a big cheque of margin money. Hence these are some of the ways that can help one to get the services at low rate of brokerage.

One more option for a trader who is looking for low brokerage is to go for an online account. In online account one needs to place the order himself and he is not served by an operator other then the exceptional situations. In such case the broker can offer low brokerage rate to such clients who like to go for the online account. A broking company which is trying to expand its network also sometimes offer low brokerage to its clients from a particular area. 
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