Leadership is a Spiritual Journey- Knowing It From Martin Sanders

Living and leading from a religious approach formulates you a co-creator with your higher power, inner wisdom or nevertheless, you are connected with forces in the universe that unite everyone and are superior to any human being.

This strength was breathed into everyone when one came into this world and is loving and abundant. Every living being has a talent, gift or strength. In the bucket story, the lady, an astute strengths based leader employed the gifts of the permeable bucket and did not throw it away.

A business whether possessed by a solo-preneur, corporation, or partnership is an energy switch. A business only concentrates on the end product prospects and potentials and eventually smothers development by unbalancing the energy exchange.  A business balances energy by paying awareness to all the aspects that aid to create the energy, keep it smooth and assists its development.

A manufacturing business utilizes energy to produce the products. A service based business, utilizes its power to offer a service. A business that is not producing large quantity is not yet in the equilibrium and flow of its energy. Working from an active perspective assists you as the leader look at all the aspects that utilize and feed energy in the business in most expansive and useful ways possible.

According to Martin Sanders who is the Director at Alliance Theological Seminary, existing and leading from your spirit, bids forces beyond yourself to assist and aid in expanding and growing the energy of your business. While you may still put yourself out, the ease and effort in the work has a momentous optimistic influence on you and your teams.

Choosing to build up the ability to honor your own talents and spirit will help you to comprehend and more visibly perceive the talents and spirits of the people on your teams.Spiritual Authority is rooted in every person’s identity, activated by faith and expanded in authority.

The principle of the religious disciplines is to come across the living God. Choosing to subsist and do business from strength of mind is an alternative to permit unique strengths to be operated in yourself and others. You learn to live your principles about spirit which often entail expressions of consciousness such as creativity, love, success, connection, responsibility and joy. The dynamic force to manifest originates from a desire to increase these qualities in whatsoever way keeps them escalating. This is completely harmonious with business and a switch of exchange.

Today, most leaders like Martin Sanders function in very high performance capabilities. Using a High Performance Success Model, you increase the tools to show up the best in yourself and the best in your staff, team or group. Greed, fear, and antagonism are customary to experience in leadership but are not the energetic force for the spirit based leader. Cultural benefit, service, profit and team work are the focus.

The leader who respects his or her own values and spirit communicates that looks and energy and admires it in others.
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