Grass Will Be Greener on the Other Side; Its Artificial !

Having a green lawn is always a pleasure. Let it be for playing outside, sitting and relaxing on a beautiful starry night or simply lying in the sunshade on a hot day, green lawns are our preference.

But to have a beautiful lawn wherever you like is not possible. You will be having hard time if you are living in a dry climate and don’t get sufficient rainfall. That is when you have to think about artificial grass, thus converting an unused garden into a frequently used area.

Artificial grasses are becoming common now a days. From choosing a particular range, to installation, it’s a friendly process. Great variety of offers are available regarding the quality, price, area and type of ground you are having.

They are tough, risk less and easy to maintain. Starting from budget to middle and luxury, companies offer variety of range that suits different needs. Free samples are given to try and test for our satisfaction. It fits not only residential purposes but also commercial purposes like building lifelong lasting artificial golf grass.

Some Misconceptions that need to be cleared

  • Very expensive : It is true that installing fake grass are a bit expensive, comparing the price remember that natural grass also require expenses like frequent watering, fertilising, mowing and other other maintenances. Fake grasses are much easy to maintain.
  • Not good for children and pets:It does not cause any harm and the waste can be removed just like how it is done with natural grass.
  • Health hazards: It is made using non-toxic and environment friendly substances. It is much safer than most of the pesticides used on real grass.
  • Planting is not possible: Even trees can be planted just like how it is planted on real grass.
  • Looks fake: soft and real grass like textures are available to make them look natural.
  • Colour fades over time: Every company offer warranty for its colour ranging from 10 to 15 years and even more.
  • Professional installation is mandatory: No, self installation is actually possible. Installation guides are available and many have successfully installed with DIY guide. All you need is time and labour.
There are some synthetic grasses available in the market which can be installed directly on the concrete. Areas in our houses like rooftops and balcony that face weight restrictions, turfs are the best option. It is even useful in areas where mowing is not possible because of space limitation.

Thus artificial grass is nothing less than a boon for lawn lovers as it stays well balanced in changing climates, creating green, luscious, pleasing and real look with not much maintenance and moreover emptying your pocket.
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