Anabolex: A Quick Overview

Anabolex is basically a mixture of methandrostenolone (Dianabol) and cyproheptadine hydrochloride (periactin). It is a very common and highly popular anabolic steroid that’s primarily manufactured by a company known as Ethical Pharma.

Therefore, if we take a look at each pill to only have 3-milligrams of steroid in it, we can safely assume that the mixture is comprised of 2-milligrams of Dianabol and 1-milligram of Periactin because of the 2:1 ratio that the manufacturer prioritizes when creating the product.

Anabolex and Dianabol

Dianabol or Dbol as known by many steroid circles is the main ingredient of Anabolex. Many veterans and even beginner steroid users know that Dbol is the most newbie-friendly anabolic steroid to have ever existed. It means that even with someone who's completely new to the world of training, exercise, diet, genetics, and steroid use, they'll still understand how to use Dbol without placing a high risk of acquiring adverse effects. This steroid was even designed to replace testosterone back in the sixties. Athletes during that decade wouldn't have to worry about side effects and injections related to testosterone as Dbol was an oral drug.

Anabolex and Periactin

Aside from Dbol, the other major ingredient found in Anabolex is Periactin. It's a non-hormonal drug and it was medically designed to be a serotonin antagonist and the first generation histamine. Therefore, this medication is usually prescribed as a means to treat allergies related to swelling, hives, and sinus issues. Periactin is also utilized in the treatment of dangerous anaphylactic reactions. Aside from its main uses, Periactin is also very advantageous for individuals looking to gain weight or to add a significant amount of mass because of its properties that make it a serotonin inhibitor.

Results Gained From Using Anabolex

When Dbol and Periactin are mixed to create Anabolex, it becomes a major appetite stimulator. Dbol is already considered to be an appetite booster even when consuming it alone, adding Periactin on top of it will let users become ravenous eating beasts (so to speak). Interested users should be warned that you're going to gain a lot of mass if you're not going to do proper workout routines when using this combo of Dianabol and Periactin. In other words, you’re going to retain a lot of water and gain a lot of fat if you’re not going to put what you eat into somewhere beneficial for your lifestyle.

Side Effects of Anabolex

Dbol will aromatize quickly into estrogen when introduced into the body, and this notion is also true when using Anabolex. Hence, users will expect major estrogenic side effects which may or may not include the following: water retention, a rise in blood pressure, and bloating. Other estrogenic adverse effects such as gynecomastia may also appear. Anabolex users are advised to run an aromatase inhibitor with the use of this anabolic steroid from the very first day of their cycle to prevent any side effects from surfacing. As for the side effects related to Periactin, users may encounter the following when using Anabolex: drowsiness, insomnia, fast heartbeat, dry mouth, and a significant increase in appetite.

Anabolex users should note that it’s recommended to use a maximum of 12 caps per day to make a total daily dosage of 36-milligrams up to a 6 week period. Exceeding that amount will be toxic to the liver.
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