All you want to know about The Philadelphia Eagles’ Uniform

The Philadelphia Eagles team is one of the long-standing franchises in the whole National Football League. The team is uniquely identified with their uniforms. The uniform and the logo of the team have been changed several times since its beginning.

Brendan Wetzel, one of the greatest supporters of the Philadelphia Eagles says that he loves the color combination of the team’s uniform and logo that has been there in the past as well as in the present. The team colors of the Philadelphia Eagles initially has been restricted to silver, Kelly green, and white for quite some time until it has been changed later on. Earlier, the team's helmets have been of Kelly green color with the design of silver colored eagle wings. Later on two versions of the helmets have been released; one with Kelly green wings for home games and Kelly green with white wings for road games. Then the standard design of the helmet has been created and this has been the original design with a minor modification where the silver wings include a white sketch. The team then launched their logo containing an eagle carrying a football in its claws. This logo has been changed later on to make it more realistic looking, trendy and stylish.

Complete change of logo and uniform

The Philadelphia Eagle’s logo and colors have been changed extremely afterward. Instead of the Kelly green, a darker shade known as the midnight green has been introduced.  Also the silver color has been totally removed from the logo. The uniform pants are either midnight green or white. On the helmet the eagle’s wings have been changed to white with black and silver accents. The logo of the Philadelphia Eagles has also been changed with a bald eagle that has a white head designed in a cartoon-based style. Also, the inscriptions have also been changed from calligraphic to block ones.

More changes in the uniform

Post the drastic change in logo and uniform, only little changes have been observed with regards to pants and jersey combinations in the course of specific competitions. In the year 2003, a number of changes have been noticed in the uniform. This includes silver trim and black shadows have been added to the white and green numbering on the jersey. From the usual black-green-black stripes on the uniform pants, it has been changed to silver black on the white pants. On the other hand, in the midnight green pants, the color has been changed to a white, silver, black combination from a solid black stripe. During this time, the black alternative jerseys with green shadow on the white numbers have been launched.

Being an avid supporter of The Philadelphia Eagles Brendan Wetzel says that uniforms do play an important role in a game as it enhances the team unity and spirit. He says that the current uniform of the team that is black pants with black jerseys perfectly complements each other. 
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