Make Wedding Day More Special with DIY Flowers Arrangement

Wedding flowers are one of the most crucial and indispensable part of any wedding celebration. We all know wedding is a very special and auspicious day as it celebrates the life long bond between two. These beautiful flower gifts bring a lot of aesthetic, aromatic and feel-good values to the auspicious occasion like wedding. When it comes to decorating the wedding venue with beautiful flowers, it takes a considerable amount of finesse and skills to decorate a heavenly flower bouquet.

Before making flower bouquet, there are some crucial factors that you need to consider and some of these important factors are wedding theme, choice of the bride or groom, the season and many others.

If you are going to design the bouquet, you should definitely need to know how to preserve the freshness of the flowers. Now this article is going to give you some crucial DIY tips on creating wedding flowers arrangement-

1. Make Sure the Flowers are Completely Fresh:

It is really important to use fresh flowers and you need to take the thorns out of them and keep the flowers in a fresh water in a bucket till the time you are starting to work with the flowers. Ordering the fresh flowers is not a problem at all because you can easily order midnight flower delivery in Delhi.

2. Hold the Flowers Properly:

Take four flowers and hold it. Make sure the flowers are in even height. hold it in your hand which is not your natural hand. If you are right handed, use your left hand to hold the flowers.

3. Arrange the Flowers:

Now you need to turn the group of four flowers in an anti-clockwise manner and add six more flowers to it. You need to place the new six flowers in a fashion so that they can look lower than the four flowers. When you are placing the flowers, make sure they are maintaining an even distance from each other.

4. Continue the Third Step:

Continue the process mentioned in the third step and in order to create a more vibrant appeal, you should go for mix and matching the colors of the flowers. When it comes to decorating flower arrangement by yourself, it is definitely an important stage.

5. Tie the Stems Together in a Perfect Manner:

If you need, you can use baby breath or foliage to the flower arrangement. Now you need to use a string or rubber band to tie the stems together. When  you are doing this, make sure all the stems come together at the top. If you are in the making process of wedding flowers arrangement, it is completely your decision whether you should add the foliage to the flowers or not.

6. Start Cutting the Flower Bunch:

Now, start cutting the bunches of flowers from the steam level. Always use a slant to place the fresh flowers on it for cutting. Once you are done with this procedure, use a ribbon to tie around the flowers in a slanting motion and continue tying flowers in a same manner.

Always remember one thing that wedding bouquet DIY is not a very easy task to do. You need to do this task very carefully so that you can achieve the highest level of elegance. For all flowers need, please visit at FlowerAura.
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