Loads of Exciting Underwater Adventure at Padi for You Now

Scuba Diving is done either from the shore or from the boat. This, again, may be a single boat dive or a double boat dive. You can explore the spectacular regions in the Port Stephens area. Some of the best places include The Pinnacle, Little Island Gutters, Government Wharf, Little Wreck, and Red Patch among many others.

Places to see

Places to see during your double boat dive off Broughton Island are Shark Gutters, North Rock, Spider Cave, East Head, and Cod Rock among others. If you are not so adventurous and still want to see the underwater world, you can participate in the shore dive. You can do this dive only at high tide at places like The Pipeline, Seahorse Garden, and Halifax among others.
If you want to learn how to dive, you can join the Dive Courses. The Dive Courses increase in skill as you get more experienced beginning from the basic Start Diving course. People who become experienced will eventually begin to dive in the deep sea.

Hire everything you need

You can get the Padi scuba diving gear, instructor, and boat license once you reach the location. You can go out on your own if you know what you are doing. You get quality accommodation that is easy on the purse at Port Stephens or Nelson Bay. It costs $40 at a minimum for a single person. You can also book luxury apartments for your stay.

You can discover the amazing underwater world at Port Stephens and Nelson Bay by going snorkelling. Unlike diving, snorkelling involves peering down into the waters from the surface. Skin divers will go far deeper into the waters and so they have better opportunity of meeting aquatic life.

People who have experience in snorkelling can hit it on their own. You can get a PADI skin diver certification if you get enough skill and experience. Get your snorkelling equipment such as snorkel, mask, suit, and fins and go explore the wonderful shore based sites. The places you can visit include Fly Point Marine Reserve among others.

Once you have developed enough confidence you can enrol for the diving course. If you are not adept at swimming, you must tell this to the staff at the diving centre. They will give you special vests for snorkelling that has buoyancy. This will help you swim well. Once you get the confidence to swim 200 metres without difficulty then you can take part in the snorkelling tours.

Children must be old enough

There is no specific age for taking part in these water sports. However, it is advisable for parents to accompany children younger than 8 years of age. You should know how to swim to take part in the boat outings.

All you need to take part in the action-packed adventure underwater is your towel, swimming suit, sunscreen, and you! You do not have to bring any snorkelling equipment as these will be provided at the diving spot. There you will find many items that you can use personally during the water adventure.
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