Is it safe to use a home Doppler fetal monitor?

The first months of pregnancy can be an anxious and nerve settling time, and this is all the more so if you had miscarriages in the past. Once the baby becomes a bit big so that they can begin moving or kicking a lot of mothers tend to be relaxed. But what about the months beforehand when the baby is too small to make any sort of movement.

Home Doppler, to be used in your home have been popular in the last few years and finds its use among pregnant women for reassurance. Though the heart of a baby is formed early on, the earliest that you can hear heartbeat of your baby with a home Doppler is around weeks 10 to 12.

Is it safe to use a Doppler at home?

A home Doppler sends out high frequency waves, which passes through your body and then the baby. The sound waves encounter movement, with the baby’s heart beat and it returns back to the monitor. A home Doppler than translates movement into amplified sound so that you can hear them.

Studies till now do not point that ultrasound is harmful for the developing baby inside the womb, but experts still suggest that it needs to be used as sparingly as possible.

Counting the kicks of your baby is a more reliable way to check whether the baby is alive or thriving. A case comes to our mind where a woman who was 38 weeks pregnant noticed that her baby was moving less than normal and she tested heartbeat of the baby on a home Doppler. A few days later, an ultrasound was performed when the woman did not hear any sound. But the results showed that the baby had died. Doctors stated that she had listened to her own sounds when she was experiencing few kicks from the baby.

The drawback of home Doppler monitor?

You can mistake your own sound with that of the baby, and a mother can stress herself out if they are not able to hear the heartbeat of the little one. In case if you cannot hear, it does not mean that the heartbeat of the baby has stopped. They could be in a strange position where it is difficult to hear the heart beat or you might not be probing in the right direction as well.

Is it recommended to buy one?

If you are of the opinion that you will be overstressed or anxious during the weeks 10 to 12 of your pregnancy, and this is prior to feel the first kicks of your baby, then it is a recommended choice to purchase a home Doppler. But avoid its use as far as possible. If you plan to buy one, see to it that it is line with FDA standards, and pay close.

Do pay attention on the instructions mentioned and guidance on what needs to be heard. Finally get in touch with your doctor and inform him that you are planning to purchase one.
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