Holidaymakers can enjoy the scenic train rides across the country

If the person is on a family vacation or a romantic tour of the country, then he should definitely consider booking Indian railways to enjoy checking out the scenic train rides. Travelling by train is not only convenient, but also allows the person to unravel the beautiful landscape of the country and its people. As a matter of fact, rail rides can be really exciting and interesting. It is much different from traveling by flight, since the person has the opportunity to interact with Indians from all walks of life and from all over the country. At the same time, he is able to view the ever-changing landscape, climate along with food and dressing patterns. The train ride is sure to mesmerize him and also allow him to explore few of the most scenic sites of the country, while on the move.

Few railway expeditions which are worth the travel

·         Kalka to Shimla: It is undoubtedly the most popular travel to be undertaken by train. This route does boast of offering the travelers with scenic wonders that can be cherished for a long time and shared with the others. This journey is about 100 kms and requires the train to pass through approximately 1,000 curves, 800 bridges and 100 tunnels. Moreover, the stretch, especially from Barog to Shimla can be termed to be really visually appealing. Here, the train’s speed is quite slow, thus allowing the travelers to have sufficient time to check out nature’s mystery and beauty. The entire stretch takes about 5 hours to be covered.

·         Mettupalayam to Ooty (Ootacamund): Located in South India, this is another place that people will just enjoy to travel. The train on this route is said to move at a speed of about 33 km/hour. Throughout the journey, the travelers can get to view the beautiful forest covered hills, tea plantations, pass through tall bridges and multiple tunnels. This is indeed a memorable trip that one can look forwards to.

·         New Jalpaiguri (NJP) to Darjeeling: It is undoubtedly the best trip that one can ever undertake during their trip to India. This route is known to hold the very highest reputation not only among Indian Railways, but also globally. The toy train is quite popular here that is even seen to be picturized in some of the super hit Bollywood movies. It is known official as “Darjiling Himalayan Railway” and the route had been built by the British. Moreover, the journey is about 80 km long, starting from NJP, passing through Siliguri, Ghum to terminate at Darjeeling. The scenic ride can be termed to be just mesmerizing and the train throughout the stretch moves very slowly. One can have a wonderful view of the Mount Kanchenjunga on any given clear day, sitting inside the toy train. The train ride is indeed worth it and without this ride, visiting Darjeeling is considered to be incomplete.

It is only with proper planning that one can enjoy their travel by train in India. For good quality and super fresh Food in Train, travelers can trust upon the reputed sites.
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