Does China Invest on Technology for Businesses

The Chinese have always been really business minded. They are everywhere and they will always find ways to earn their money. In business, there will always be new trends and the Chinese will also want to keep up with these trends. The internet is very widely used nowadays for business purposes. Before, the Chinese were not very reliant on the internet for advertisements and checking social media since most social media sites are blocked in China and they have to use a VPN in order to open and view their social media accounts. But now that China has an increasing number of people using the internet not only on their computers but also on their mobile phones, more companies are choosing to bring their advertisements and marketing online.

            The Chinese are most often always on the go, which means that they always carry around their cell phones wherever they go and companies use this as an opportunity to advertise not only on social media sites but also on other applications that they know the people often check using their cell phones. They would always check their emails and see that there are some advertisements that the company sends and when it catches their attention, then the person checking that advertisement will probably want to view more about the company. Doing this will actually cost less than when a company prints their advertisements and also since the Chinese always have their phones with them, it is very convenient since they will be able to view it and share it and everyone else will already see that advertisement.

            They are also active on social media these days. Social media is literally a must have for everyone because with these social media sites, communication becomes very convenient and also people can share anything and all other people that you are connected with can see what you have shared. Companies also use this as an opportunity to become as creative as possible with their advertisements since the people who are very active on social media are the youth and this is what will catch their attention. Companies have discovered that advertising on social media is a very effective strategy when it comes to catching the attention of more people and will drive them to actually buy from their companies. This also helps companies for people outside their actual target market to also see their advertisements and this will create an increase in their sales if those people are actually interested on their products and services.

            Most information about companies can be seen on common search engines such as Google, but then, Google is also blocked in China, so very few can actually access this. Companies should really strive in order to give out the information through other forms or on other websites since not everyone can access Google even until today. It is probably a struggle that the Chinese cannot maximize their use of search engines because every information available can be found there. Although this may also be considered to be an advantage for the people since there is usually always too much information on Google, so companies usually divert their advertisements to other forms of social media and emails and this might give them more accurate information. This will prevent any inaccuracy and confusion. There was an instance about the Rape of Nanking and you can find that on Google, some saying it happened, some saying it did not. At least, with other forms of giving out information, you can save yourself from being misguided.

            The Chinese have already learned the importance of the internet for business purposes and they already know how effective it is in convincing their customers to buy their products. The trends online, however, will keep changing, but they will know how to keep up with the changes and continue to invest their money and efforts in advertising online.
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