Dear Mutton – Can you be any more Delicious!

Not just India, the entire world is a frenzied fan of mutton. Not merely because it is one of the best meat options, but also because there are plenty of ways in which you can prepare it and let it satisfy your taste buds. Mutton, for many, is a true culinary joy.

Mutton is a versatile meat enjoyed around the globe. From using it for making stews and grilling it into delicious steaks, or turning it into appetizing meatballs and tossingit into scrumptious Indian style curries- the meat serves a variety of purposes.

The reason why mutton is so popular among the masses is that the variety of dishes you can make out of itis wide-ranging.  There are plenty of mutton gravy recipes available online among which you are sure to find your favourite one.

But before you head to the kitchen and cook it for yet another time, it would be valuable for you to have a lookat how other people around prepare and serve this delicacy. Below, you find some of the most succulent mutton dishes known to the world.

Different Mutton Delicacies served around the globe-
  • Hyderabadi Mutton Biryani – The list starts with this amazing mutton dish. Hyderabadi mutton Biryani is a rich mutton dish made with basmati rice and marinated mutton with yogurt and traditional Indian spices. Thisamazingly delicious slow-cooked dish can make anyone fall in love with it. If you haven’t tasted it yet, you are missing out on something really great.
  • Bobotie – This South African meat pie is another amazing mutton dish that takes its place on the list. Famous for its rich ingredients and spices, this Cape Town savoury is properly baked for the desired tenderness. The dish serves two purposes – offering you a memorable red meat feast and giving your sweet tooth a treat!
  • IraniGosht – This tender mutton meat is deeply fried and later put on richonion gravy. And you can’t predict its heavenly taste until you have put it into your mouth. Best tastes with soft and fluffy naan or parathas. Trust this- it is finger-licking good!
  • Nihari – When the Mughals came to India, one of the best things they did to us is they gave us their various recipes which we still relish with great fervour. Nihari is one of those mutton dishes which probably originated somewhere else and Mughals brought them to India. However, this Nawab’s dish is now Pakistan’s national dish and takes a lot of effort to prepare. It takes almost a night to cook and prepare the dish but the taste and aroma it exudes is worth every trouble.
  • Mutton Paya – The dish originated in Lahore and has a mass appeal. The aroma of the spices, onions, and tomatoes makes it irresistible for anyone out there. Try out this amazing dish, at least, once in your lifetime.
  • Haleem – When you want to add something into a mutton dish other than the routine spices, Haleem is what you should prepare. Haleem is made with lentils, wheat, barley, and certain other spices. Surprisingly, the dish is cooked for 8 hours at a stretch on a wood fire. And honestly, anyone who sets an eye on the dish won’t be able to resist for long. This dish is a must-have.
    These are only a few of the dishes you can try out with mutton. And while you are searching for tips on how to cook mutton curry, make sure you search for the recipes for these dishes too. Hope, the coming festive season would be a great one for you with, at least, one of these dishes above on your platter.
Yes, we heard you murmur, “Dear Mutton, can you be any more delicious?”
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