9Apps for Social Media Sites; Many Accounts, One App

Are you a social media savvy? How many social media sites do you use? Are your social media activities limited to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram? Social media is one of the most powerful tools – both for marketing and for personal use. In today’s world, no one can survive without having their presence on social media sites.

If we count the number of people using Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites, we will understand the importance of social media today. Here we discuss 9Apps for Social Media Sites which will help you manage multiple accounts via a single app.

On average, an Indian youth uses at least 10 social media sites or apps. You will upload one selfie on Facebook. You also want to share the same photo on Instagram and Twitter too. As these social media sites are different, you will have to open one app after another. This makes it difficult? Moreover, you lose lots of data as the image is being uploaded multiple times. How difficult is it to go one app from another and then move on? How easier it would be if we had a single app to manage all my accounts?

 9Apps has some fine apps which let you manage all your social accounts via a single app. This makes it easy to load your apps and find your social networks. You can upload photos and images to Facebook with ease as well as upload short video clips to Instagram or Twitter. You can also upload video files to YouTube and Vine using this app.

But these are not the whole of advantages you enjoy. You can enjoy much more than these. The app is just 3.3MB and hence loads faster. It consumes very limited RAM or no-RAM at all. Another advantage is that 9Apps for Social Media Sites help you browse on social media sites even at slow networks like 2G.

This is the era of 4G and faster smartphones. Well, in India still there are many who owns low budget phones with limited space and low RAM. A good percentage of people still access the internet over 2G. Whether you prefer it or not, this is the harsh reality that you won’t get 4G connectivity across the country and especially when you travel to rural areas.

Whether you are using the 2G connection or 4G connection, whether you are in town or in the village, 9App for Social Media Sites will open the world of social networks before you.
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