5 Types of Hairstyles You Can Style Yourself with Sarees

Nothing can beat the beauty of ethnic wear, on an Indian woman. We Indian woman can never go wrong with especially sarees. Anyone can buy cheap sarees online of any design or pattern without any hassle. However combining all the elements of a saree can take a lot of time and time. Saree as attire, demands you to carry a blouse and petticoat. Plus you can’t just wear a saree and not put on makeup or any jewelry. I always like to make a checklist while wearing a saree, which includes my petticoat, blouse, makeup, jewelry, and the most important thing your hairstyle. You can expect yourself to look like a goddess or a Bollywood star if you wear a saree with a hair bun or a pony. 

Saree is an evergreen ethnic wear which looks good on all skin and body types, it is also the only attire which is worn by women all around the country, be it Kerala, West Bengal or Delhi. But getting the perfect look in a saree is much complex than it looks and can take a lot of effort and time. So, today we are going to discuss some of the most amazing hairstyles that will look like a Bollywood actress in your saree.  

5 Best Hairstyles that you can pull off with a Saree

1. Let them loose

Nothing is sexier than a woman in a saree, wearing a beautiful deep blouse, with long loose hair kissing her back. Plus take some inspiration from Yash Raj Films, have you ever seen an actress in his movies, wearing a saree with tied up hair. Plus women look their best with their hair held loose. However, you can experiment with hair jewelry. You can complete your look by wearing a ‘Mang Tikka’ or fancy hair clips. 

You don’t need to do any styling, just make sure to properly comb your hair. You can also straighten or curl your hair to attract more attention to your hair. But even if you are in a hurry, trust me, you look beautiful in your loose hair. However just make sure to spray hair spray on your hair, to ensure that they stay put throughout the night. You can also use lotion or gel to make them a dense or messy. If you want to experiment a little bit with Bollywood style then you try copying Aishwarya Rai’s look in Devdas. You can even carry them by sliding them in one direction and flaunt you backless blouse like Kareena Kapoor to get a sexy look.

2. Classic Bun with Gajra

You can never go wrong with this classic hairstyle. This hairstyle has been so overused, that you will find that least 10 women pulling off the same hairstyle in a wedding. If ever in confusion, then stick to this classic hairstyle. Every Bollywood actress from Alia Bhatt to Madhuri Dixit has pulled this hair bun, at one or other point in their career. This hairstyle will help in giving you a graceful and matured look. You can definitely use this style to look a little older than your actual age. This hairstyle is easy to make, so you won’t have to spend any money at the parlor.

3. Messy Bun

This is an evergreen hairstyle which looks good on every Indian and western attire, as well as on every occasion. Plus the messier it is the better it’s going to look. You can also make this hairstyle at your home; however, we would recommend you to get a professional, as we are afraid you might take the messy part way too seriously. You can carry heavy earrings with the look, as the random curly locks falling on your face, will give you a very effortless yet beautiful look. Plus this look also adds more fun and glam to your overall look, which will help you stand apart from the classic bun women with a flower on their head. You can make Smokey eyes and a dark red lip shade to add a contrast in your ethnic attire.     

4. Loose Braids

Well, if you have beautiful long hair, which can’t be set loose or tied into a bun, because of their thickness and volume, then this is the perfect option for you. I personally love this hairstyle and the freedom that it gives you. You are already wearing a saree that you have to handle with delicacy and grace, now image pulling of a hairstyle, which demands you to run down your fingers in your hair after every 10 minutes. You can accessories your braids with flowers to braid jewelry. You can also experiment with hair stickers or stones. You can easily make these braids at your home, using a tutorial online. You can even try making a tight braid, and complete the look with a maang tikka to look classic and beautiful.  
5. Loose Side Bun

Go back in the 90’s with this hairstyle, and everybody will be comparing you to Nargis. This hairstyle looks particularly good on cotton as well as silk sarees. This can be seen as a twist on the classic bun look, which will give you a timeless elegance. Wear this look with your mother, and you too will become the life of the party. Just like Gajra Hair bun, you can pull this look with flowers as well as other hair jewelry. However make sure to balance the bling, and avoid wearing too much jewelry around your neck.  


These are some of the best hairstyles which will turn you into a goddess within seconds. Try any of these looks and add more beauty and grace on your saree.
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