Use of Rapid Prototyping in Automobile-Medical and Defense fields

The technicians in India term rapid prototyping as the generation next manufacturing technology where the fixtures jigs and tools will take a backseat and every result will be achieved with the help of 3D Printing. It will save a lot of time by delivering results in a quick time. And it is capable of manufacturing any dream machine at the drop of the hat.

You can say rapid prototyping services Delhi are the backbone of every innovation and product development in the country.

  1. Use of Rapid Prototyping in Defense field: The rapid prototyping has a great use in the field of defense. It can be used for the manufacturing of aircraft systems, armaments, radars, missiles and electronic warfare. The biggest prototype achieved in India through rapid prototyping services so far has been the Kaveri engine fan rotor assembly. It comprises of three motor discs and over 100 blades. And it took just two months to build this grand engine through rapid prototyping. In the past, the same task would take more than eight months through the basic methods of manufacturing.
  2. Use of Rapid Prototyping in medical field: Not just in the defense field, the rapid prototyping services have a great use in the field of medicine as well. The surgeons and physicians are utilizing rapid prototyping services to make 3D Models from MRI and CAT scans. Then they use the models in diagnosing, surgery planning, implant design, surgical templates and external prosthesis. The applications of 3D rapid prototyping in the medical field are much more diverse than these operations. The rapid prototyping technology has been not been yet fully utilised by the medics and physicians in India because of the lack of knowledge and expertise to utilise it.
  3. Use of Rapid Prototyping in automotive industry: Some people have this misconception in their mind that the use of rapid prototyping services in the automobile industry is limited just to the preparation of a sketch that is then transformed into a real object. No, this thinking is not right because rapid prototyping services play a significant role during the validation of the design process till the product is given a final shape. It is the rapid prototyping technology that helps the manufacturers to decide which material would be best for a certain product and what kind of equipment and should be used and which features will best suit the vehicles under process. The rapid prototyping helps engineers to decide how to manufacture new automotive products with better consumer appeal. From the investment point of view, these services are crucial for the manufacturer. He/she can accordingly decide how to make investments in the new product and the vehicle is safe for customers.
Some of the Advantages of Rapid Prototyping Services Delhi are as given below:
  1. The rapid prototyping services are used for testing the functionality, features and performance of a machine before it is given a final shape through 3D printing.
  2. Based on the performance of the working model, the users provide early feedback about the machine.
  3. And if the feedback is negative, by making necessary changes, the manufacturer can avoid the risk. 
  4. The rapid prototyping services give the manufacturer a fair idea about the final look of the object as it enhances the early visibility.
  5. Moreover, it becomes easy to detect the flaws in the design when it is still in the early developmental stage.
  6. The services are cost effective as it reduces developmental costs to a significant extent and also ensures higher output in the limited budget.
  7. It has reduced the manufacturing time of the products to a significant extent.
The quality of the products manufactured through the rapid prototyping technology is far better than the products manufactured through conventional methods.

Moreover, the rapid prototyping services helps to reshapes in medical field also and it’s have been found cost-effective than other available technologies.
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