Trends for the truly modern woman

Gone are the days when modesty would border on throwing trends out of the windows. Despite what the fashion industry propagates, the everyday woman is always on the look- out for something that’s not just fun and cute, but also modest all the while being trendy and on point. The need for modest yet fashionable clothing is on the rise mostly based on the fact that such clothing scores high on comfort and practicality.

With more and more of the female population heading out for work or pleasure, clothing and fashion now not only means being just an eye candy. However despite the demand for functional ,fashionable and modest clothing being on a all time high, the main stream fashion industry seems to have turned a blind eye to the needs of the retail sector, and keeps on producing clothing that are not only highly impractical and not wearable on a daily basis owing to it’s outlandishness. For instance a woman who wants to buy a trendy piece has to scourge the internet for online hijab shopping.  So, here are some hacks for buying some modest yet lit clothing that keeps your fashion statement on point.

·         Brands: Always take a good look at a brand before buying things from it’s store. Some brands, even though very few are known for their fashionable clothes that are minimalistic and modest and practical as well.

·         Clothes: The choice of clothes that one chooses to wear also helps with the modest yet fashionable trend. Clothing like palazzos, midi length skirts, longer hemline for dresses, different headgears work really well for women who are looking to incorporate functionality with fashion. While this modest fashion movement is still serves a mostly niche and small demographic, the prints and patterns and all other aesthetics like cuts and colors often tend to be borrowed or better still, heavily inspired from the mainstream fashion scenario. Hence there is hardly any chance for the women to look off trend.

·         Online shopping: It essentially seems to be a physically intimidating task to visit retail outlets or shops looking for clothes that fit the bill of being modest and trendy all at once, mainly because of this demand still being relatively less. This is where the internet comes into play. Online shopping not only reduces the hassle of the physically laborious job of mall hopping, but also provides a multitude of options, from brands to designs to price range for a potential shopper. There are numerous platforms to choose from like hijab online shop, and the likes.

·         Social media: The onus of being the main force behind bringing such fashion into forefront lies upon the extremely influential social media personalities. They play a major role as so called trend setters for the beauty or fashion industry. These personalities help in bringing positive reinforcement to the fledgling niche industry of modern yet modest trends.

Modesty now not only pertains to just conservatism but also imbibes practicality and functionality into trends. Therefore this budding niche needs to be promoted.
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