The Reasons Why You Should Listen To Nature & Yourself!

Like most human beings, you like to be close to Grandmother Earth and appreciate her magnificence and beauty whenever you get the time. However, do you know it is possible for you to learn many important lessons by being in close proximity with nature, which you can incorporate in your own life.

Such teachings act as a catalyst in helping you to maintain a sense of mental tranquility and peace in your fast-paced existence. This enable you to make sound decisions that can even change the course of your future forever. This is the reason why from ancient times, people of different cultures would stay close and worship nature.

The Harley Reagan Quodoushka Deer Tribe Swiftdeer is a prominent spiritual group of healers that is assisting people of different backgrounds and faiths reconnect with Grandmother Earth. They say some of inherent lessons that you can learn by being close to nature are as follows:

Time of everything to happen

Nature consist of different seasons that occur exactly at the right time. There are occasions in your life when you want certain events or things to take place instantly at the present moment. You want to realize the fruits of your labors immediately instead of being patient. However, the essential things in life such as the process of self-discovery, reflection, meditation and overcoming the limits of your individual self takes time, consistent practice and hard work.

Certain things and even are beyond your control

There are certain occurrences in everyone’s life that are beyond their control. Nature teaches you to accept such happenings as the will of the Divine and to carry on peacefully with your existence. Worrying about the circumstances you cannot alter or rectify is just a waste of time. During a natural catastrophe like an earthquake or cyclone, everything turns to ruins. However, nature has the ability to restore itself from such a disaster.

Small things are not insignificant

In nature, you will not fail to notice every plant, insect and animal on the planet is dependent on another. The extinction of one particular living organisms will put the existence of others in jeopardy. The same rule exists among human beings. You depend on the people around you to survive and strive in this world. This is the reason why should never consider anyone to be inferior or worthless. The various petty disputes you may have with others are trivial and it is important to get along with each other.


Nature has numerous facets like the magnificent mountains of the Himalayas, the rainforests in the Amazon region, the Arabian deserts, the Savanna in East Africa and great plains of Europe. A variety of different species live in such surroundings, which are significant in their own way. Your life includes such a diverse mixture. In your daily existence, you play a number of roles such as a parent, office colleague, friend, sibling and spouse.

The healers of Harley Reagan Quodoushka Deer Tribe Swiftdeer say nature can teach you many important things, which are relevant in life in addition to the above. In such an environment, there is beauty in the simplest forms of planets and creatures.
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