Spreading the Message of Good Health with Raw Milk Consumption

In the world of chemicals and advanced medicines, including antibiotics, one has to look around to get some natural health benefits. Good living today means going for lab-manufactured tablets, nutrition supplements and more. Yes, these are good for the body but the fact that one must also go for naturally available alternatives is what one must notice.

The fact is that people are skeptical about the kind of food that they take in every day is what has caused people to go for lab-manufactured nutritional supplements. These supplements on one side, many even go for packaged and processed milk in tetra packs and even going for soy-based breakfast.

In truth, it is much more beneficial to go to the basics of good food by adapting the way of Geoffrey Morell and natural medicine. He and his wife, in collaboration with Weston A. Price Foundation have found that it is rather healthy to go for raw milk in consumption.

Today, various research labs spend hours working out ways to find out the efficacy of using raw milk. They have found that raw milk is as good for the body and life. In fact, these tests have also concluded that the chances of people falling ill due to the consumption of raw milk are very low.

Raw milk from the milch cows that one can find directly breeding in farms are full of rich fats, proteins, calcium and iron besides other nutrients. Pasteurized milk would not have all of these good nutrients in it after it passes the milk through it. Pasteurizing of raw milk would necessitate milk to go through the heating process and a host of other such methods after which, the milk would not have many of its top components altogether! Now that is risky and that is why today’s farmers and natural medicine experts like Geoffrey Morell are wholeheartedly going for consumption of raw milk.

Another revelation is that those children who spend their life on the farms of their parents and get to eat the farm products have far greater immunity. They also get to drink raw milk and they are not sickly or have great health issues, unlike the children who do not get to drink raw milk.

In fact, farmers and those who are in support of raw milk consumption add that this milk is heavy, and yet it is easy to digest. The children who grow drinking raw milk will find it as wholesome and would not go for anything else too. The taste of raw milk is fresh and beyond all of these, the drinkers of raw milk would argue that it is far tastier than the processed or packaged ones.

Yes, the health benefits that raw milk offers on the body are there but besides these, the intrinsic connection that a person would build with the environment is immense too. This is why today, along with organic food farmers, and naturopathic physicians are going for this kind of healthy lifestyle.  
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