Six Yummy Ways to Eat All Your Essential Nutrients

Nutrients are elements that play an important part in a person’s diet and health. Some of these provide him the energy he needs to last the day. Others provide the support needed for better metabolism. One of the best things about this is that it comes in many forms. That means you do not have to stick to just a few types of food. Here are six great tasting ways in which you can enjoy your nutrients.


Today protein has reached the peak of its’ popularity not just for those who work out and build muscles but also part of daily intake. It provides the foundation of the body.  This nutrient is absorbed not just by the muscles but also of all the bones, hair and skin. It makes these stronger. Almost 15 percent of the human body weight is composed of protein. It is utilized to assist it in growth, maintenance and health reasons. Protein is the main component of all body substances, antibodies, and hormones. However, it only acts when it is needed.

The good thing about protein is that it keeps you full all throughout the day. Chicken, meat, eggs, fish and quinoa are the best sources of protein.

There are three reasons why this nutrient is very important. The first is that it controls your cholesterol. Second is makes your bowel movement regular. The third is that it keeps you full. The number one source of this nutrient is veggies and fruits. You can add fruits to any meal. Oatmeal is a good partner for fruits. Add some natural almond water and chia seeds to it and you have one tasty and healthy meal to last you the day.

Monounsaturated fat

It may sound confusing to some but the truth is that the body needs fat to burn fat. This is what makes monounsaturated fat very important. One of the best sources is guacamole. The best way to enjoy this is to hold off the mayo on your sandwiches and replace it with some guacamole. This will provide the dish with the creamy flavor of mayo but with a lot more nutrients. You can also do this with salads that mayo in its’ dressing.


If you see another low-carbohydrate diet being advertised on TV, do not go for it. The fact is that you need carbohydrates to achieve a healthy body. There are no ifs nor buts about that. This nutrient acts as the fuel that will keep you going throughout the day. This has a direct effect on the brain’s central nervous system. It also keeps you healthy by not allowing diseases to afflict you. Experts say that the total calories intake should be made up of about 45 to 65 percent carbohydrates. Great sources of carbohydrates include fruits, vegetables, beans and legumes, and of course, whole grain.

Folic acid

This nutrient helps keep your body healthy by producing new cells. Those who want to get pregnant will need this because it is an important element that will help the child safe. Brussel sprouts have high contents of folic acid. Simply sauté these on your glasstop stove cookware in olive oil and a little garlic and you will have a wonderful and healthy meal. You can add just about anything to this basic recipe just make sure a number of sprouts you use surpass the volume of the other ingredients.


The main health contribution that Iron has on the body is the production of red blood cells. These are the cells that are responsible for distributing oxygen to the different parts of the body. Iron deficiency is a common condition in a lot of people. This might led to anemia. Anemia causes you to fatigue easily. This is not a good situation for a busy person. The best source of iron is legumes. Cook a good amount of these and top it off with some Greek yogurt or low-fat sour cream and you are on your way to a healthy body.

It is important to consume sufficient amounts of the nutrients mentioned above in order to achieve a totally healthy body. All these have specific contributions to the body that makes it resilient and stronger. 
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