Silver Sterling Jewelry – Why you should prefer silver sterling as your jewelry metal?

With exception to gold, sterling silver is the most widely used metal for jewelry. Irrespective of the variety of gemstone studded sterling silver jewelry will always let you shine bright and elegant.
You must be wondering; what’s so unique about this exotic metal makes it a perfect fit with all gemstones? Well, we are going to talk about that in a minute, but before that, you can have a look into our silver sterling studded lapis lazuli bracelet. Isn’t it just amazing to own one of these unique and exquisite bracelets?

Ok, now without wasting any more time let us talk about some attributes of silver sterling metal jewelry, that makes it a perfect match for all gemstones.

1.    Durability and Resistance to Corrosion
Ok, admittedly Silver Sterling is an alloy like many other alloys out there. However, what makes it truly unique is the fact that this alloy is made up of over 90% silver. Yes, you read it right! That’s where is gets is everlasting color. Moreover, the addition of copper and other strong metals gives it extra durability and strength to withstand the test of time.
What this mean is that you can be sure of retaining the shine of your lapis lazuli silver sterling bracelet; even after a long time. All it requires is little care and periodic cleaning and there you have your magnificent silver sterling jewelry for a lifetime.

2.    Wear Me Every Day Jewelry
Yes, gemstone studded silver sterling jewelry is your go-to jewelry for all occasion. It never let you down for any party or celebration. Even more; it is tough enough to bear all day long beating without any loss of elegance. It can withstand heat, cold, oil, dirt and sweat and still stay shiny and splendid.

3.    Easy to Maintain
Well, keeping jewelry clean can be a tricky task; especially if you are to wear it on daily basis.
Not with silver sterling jewelry anymore. You can simply rinse it with any soap and water and it you are ready to go. Though you don’t really need to clean it often, it is recommended to at least clean it on a bimonthly basis to retain its true shine and luster.

4.    Hypoallergenic
Here’s the best part! Silver Sterling is a hypoallergenic material, this means that it can be worn by anyone without any danger of getting allergy. This is especially good news for people suffering from certain metal allergies like copper, zinc or any other base metals. The fact that the material itself is hypoallergenic in nature means that even if you are allergic to metals, you can still wear it without being conscious of allergy.
So, next time around when you are looking for a lapis lazuli necklace or bracelet, make sure you get it with silver sterling metal!

5.    Affordability:
Lastly, another great benefit of silver sterling jewelry is its price. Unlike gold, platinum or some other base metal jewelry, silver sterling metal won’t break your bank. It is a really affordable metal that will certainly satisfy your craving or shining bright – A win-win situation for you!
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