Questions to Ask Kelowna Wedding DJs before Hiring

You are already on the planning stage of your wedding and you want to make sure that everything will go according to plan. It is not going to be easy but you would like be hands on with all the details so you will not have any regrets on the actual day of your wedding. You are concerned about your wedding vendors particularly the wedding DJ Kelowna that you want to hire. You are always recommended to meet up with the DJs that you are considering to hire first before you make a choice.

Searching for the right Kelowna wedding disc jockey can be complicated because you have to browse through countless ads and compare different DJs. There are even times when you will get confused with the different details already because they all seem similar. There may be an abundance of wedding DJs but not all of them are good enough for your wedding. There are also some that do not specialize in wedding events so you can already remove those DJs from your list.

One question you can ask the wedding DJ that you want to hire is if being a DJ is their full time business. People who are passionate about being DJs make sure that they do it for a living. They have all the right equipment and they constantly research and learn so that they can become better at what they do. It is always better to hire a full time DJ than one that does it part time because if something comes up at the last minute, a part time DJ may bail out on you.

Another question that you can ask the wedding DJ is how he would be able to customize the music for your wedding. Wedding DJs normally have different approaches when it comes to this but since you are hands on with your wedding, you would like someone who will be able to create a playlist based not only on your wedding’s theme but also your personal style and your vision. The DJ should be effective in putting his magic, his talents and skills into the things that you want.

Another question that you can ask is how the DJ would be able to get the crowd pumped enough to enjoy and dance away. There are different incentives that DJs are familiar with so they would be able to get the crowd to just enjoy the music and have fun. The DJ may start by allowing you and your partner to dance and then after some time, the rest of the people will follow. The music will also change depending on the crowd’s mood. You can ask Airwaves music DJ about it. You will not be disappointed with the things this professional DJ will say.

It will be nice to ask Kelowna wedding disc jockeys if they can provide some samples of the songs that they have mixed. You can usually tell if the disc jockey is good based on how they are able to mix songs flawlessly. Some are so good that they can do mixes right in front of you. Consider all the things that you are searching for in a wedding DJ and make your choice.
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