Most Important to-do items Before Hip Replacement Surgery

In theory, each & every one of us understands that preparation can make or break a certain thing. The more preparation you do, the more aware you will be. Hence, it is better to keep a list of to - do items before a Hip Replacement Surgery. There are several healthcare companies who can help you in planning your list & also help you in finding & booking affordable surgery packages.

When you're looking forward for a hip joint replacement, you may be anxious about whether the result will be good or whether you're prepared. On the first point, you can be sure that replacement treatment has good outcome. And to be more sure about the hip replacement surgery, you can opt for Hip Arthroscopy which is a minimally invasive technique that causes least injury to the body, leaves less scarring, and allows for a faster recovery.

So, when it comes to being prepared, these are the most important to - do items before surgery -

     Lose weight
Your surgeon may recommend that you lose some weight before a hip replacement surgery, to prevent chances for post-surgical complications. And the major complication being excess pressure on the new joint leading to its dislocation.

     Strengthen Muscles
Your surgeon may recommend you exercises to strengthen your hip & surrounding muscles. This will help in speedy recovery. This will also help in giving support to the new joint.

     Start/Stop Medications
You may be recommended to stop blood thinners to prevent blood loss during - and after - surgery while you may be recommended to start iron supplements to prevent post-surgical anemia.

     Rearrange Living Space
You may need to rearrange your living space to minimize walking long distances or up - & down - stairs. Also, keep everyday items nearby your resting place to minimize straining your hip. This will prevent your movement, hence pressure on your hips.

     Blood Donation
You may be recommended to bank your blood before hip joint replacement procedure so it can be used for transfusion later. This should be taken care of initially to prevent dependency on blood banks and to save in a monetary way.

     Prepare your bathroom
Using the bathroom can be difficult when recovering from hip joint replacement treatment. So, to reduce the onus on the hip joints, place in a chair for ease of showering and a toilet seat lift to make your bathroom time easier and safer.

     Practise walking with Crutches/Walker
This will help in ease of usage of the walking aids after the hip joint replacement surgery.

Today, a person’s overall health and activity level is more important than age in predicting a hip replacement’s success. Total Hip replacement surgery/Hip arthroscopy may be problematic for people with some health problems, regardless of their age. For example, people who have chronic disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, or conditions that result in severe muscle weakness, are more likely than people without chronic diseases to damage or dislocate an artificial hip. People who are at high risk for infections or are in poor health are less likely to recover fast.
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