Hire a hacker for cell phone to fix credit score

Almost every one uses computer, laptop or smart phones. They also have some knowledge of coding more or less. But hackers are able to do anything and everything with a computer system.  Even a simple phone network can be there tool of play too. The impact of there activity is great in normal peoples daily life. Because now they can hire a hacker for cell phone tracking of there loved one. Or may be they hire a hacker to fix credit score, thus they can increase the limit of there credit card or pass a loan for there house.

A Hacker is a normal person like you and me. But they have knowledge and skills related to computer. They use the knowledge to find the loop whole or problems of a system and fix it. There are different types of hackers, defined or classified as there work. –

White Hat Hacker: They are like police of internet. They are appointed by the multi million dollar companies to find the bug on there software or computer system. They work like freelancer. And they work for the government too. They are good guys. If you have a small farm, and you are concern about the security, then you can hire a hacker for cell phone of your office.

Grey Hat Hacker
: This type of hackers remains silent. They are not good or bad type. They just research and find exploits and the procedures to fix it. They seem to be funny people in this group. Cause they can make fun of people by hacking there system for fun.

Blac Hat Hacker: Last but not the least; Black hats hackers. The dangerous hackers are in this group. They write virus code, create Ransomwaresoftwars, exploits to earn money from it. They are mercenary for hire, to fight against your enemy. They can do anything. Can bring you from dark place or leave there. Some peoples think if they hire a hacker to fix credit score of themselves, Black hat hackers are the most favorable choice.

Now you know what a hacker is. But naming them-selves as the ‘knights of web’ is you think too much? Did you know, the future of warfare between country lies in their hand. Every leading country has a group of hackers called ‘Cyber Soldier.’They use computers to penetrate other countries deface system and use that against them. There is rumor in internet that– ‘United States plants some Zero Day Exploits which they may use to sabotage the Nuclear Power Plants, Water Dams, Hospitals etc if needed.’ Hackers from every country work for a clue that may exploit other country. They are able to protect nation’s secret. They Work as a team, and has no name. They must not be named, because if there identification is leaked, the total process may collapse. So we are calling them – The Dark Knight of Web.

Next time you open your computer and visit internet, remember – the hackers are everywhere. Maybe they are in your computer too; using a little software called RAT and includes your PC as there botnet.So if you have to be sure of that you have to hire a hacker for cell phone security or Computer related things. If you do a job like hire a hacker to fix credit score or anything that might insult them, noantivirus can save you from a hacker, if not you became a hacker yourself.

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