Bon Appetit

What comes to your mind when you hear the word food, you might think about mouthwatering sweets, hot and instant food, splendid variety of cuisines and other exquisite delicacies. But no food comes without any effort. It starts with the choice of cuisine, the method to prepare, the groceries to be bought and finally few hours of hardship give you a yummy appetizing dish. Now, what if all this happen with a flick of your finger? This is the magic of online food delivery.

Online food delivery created a new food ordering culture, brought a new wave in food eating habits and also reshaped the way traditional restaurants work. This is possible by using food ordering apps which have created a privilege to get any kind of cuisine as desired, from the comfort of your home. You can order all kinds of cuisines, Indian or international at your comfort.

One such international cuisine which is the stuff of tales is the French cuisines. The French think they make the best food in the world. The French mostly love three things Art, Philosophy and Food. Food has gained equal importance with other art forms. French food has rich culture and history. ‘Bon Appetit’ a famous French saying means good appetite or “I hope you enjoy your food”.

French food comes with variety of breads, wine, meat, cheese, sausages, desserts and pastries. They are pioneers in diverse cooking techniques. French dishes include a big list of variety of cuisines like Lorraine, Alsace, Normandy, Aquitaine, Limousine, Brittany, Loire Valley and the list goes on. 

It is interesting to note that French food is heavily influenced by Italian cuisine. Guillaume Tirel, a court chef who is also known as “Taillevent” wrote one of the earliest collection of medieval recipes of France in his master piece La Viandier. But it was Francois PierrLa Varenne and Marie Antoine Carame who were the pioneers that brought the revolution in French cuisine and gradually freed it from its foreign influences to develop France’s own indigenous style. They also developed appellation laws known as appellation d’ origine controlee (AOC) which certify agricultural products. Its rich knowledge has contributed remarkably to western cuisines and its practices are widely accepted by western cooking schools. 

UNESCO added French gastronomy to its list of world’s intangible cultural heritage. French food is primarily governed by its regionalism. Each part in France has its own culture and cooking techniques. French dishes are specially known for their complex and rich flavors, bread, cheese and meat are essentially consumed by most of French people. 

The French love their Cheese. A report says that the French consume an approximate 45 pounds of cheese annually per person. Such is their love for cheese which is considered as staple food. There are also 400 varieties of cheese available. French meal also consists of bread and pastry where bread is freshly baked, eaten with chocolate or cheese. 

Any discussion about French food is incomplete without a mention of wine. It is heavily consumed and different regions produce different varieties for e.g. Champagne comes from Champagne region in France similarly Merlot, Burgundy wine. It’s evident that France has contributed heavily to the world’s cuisines and their delicacies are widely loved across the globe.

All this reading makes one want to indulge in French food immediately. Thanks to online food delivery apps, it is not a difficult task anymore.
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