5 shades of spring – Some in-fashion and trending sunglasses to carry in 2017!

Spring is almost around the corner and soon floral blossom will sooth our eyes for good. Well, spring is a good time around to wear some classy shades. We have been tracking latest in-trend styles for women shades all along and we feel; now is the time to get your hand around some exquisite and classy women’s sunglasses that are trending in the fashion industry today.

Simplicity is in Clarity:

Well, people across the fashion industry as well as in streets have been adapting to intriguingly simplistic clear eyewear. Ok, I don’t really need to lecture you about the concept of minimalism and how so many people have started to practice minimalism in all parts of their lives.

Frankly, these simple yet intriguing clean glasses have become a norm today, presenting an ideal fuse of elegance and simplicity. In fact, the transparent acetate glasses are seen as ultra-classic that fits into all frames and shapes. Not to forget, these great Oh, not to forget that these flawless glasses complement brilliantly to all styles.

There is a massive collection of stylish and contemporary transparent acetate frame available online. You can be sure to get your suited style easily.

Checkout the amazing collection of women’s sunglasses at https://sexybling.com/. They got some real nice and affordable collection for every lady!


2017 is all about being bold and outspoken. Ok ladies, there is no “discrimination” here and you can choose any style. Curvy frames are things of the past; this year get ready to wear boldly angular geometrical shapes with some really hard angles.

The best part about geometrical shades? Well, they fit in perfectly into any setting. You can use them as office wear or as a casual wear. A variety of shapes gives one enough choice to choose one for every occasion.
Caution: If you are a shy and reserved person, be ready to attract eye jabbing and attention as your bold geometrical frames will captivate the crowd around you.

2017 is a bold year and it’s time you say goodbye to your miniature shades. Out of the many styles of shades that have made comeback in 2017, oversized is one of the most popular designs, especially among women. This year, we have seen a lot of celebrities carrying oversize shades; as their style statement.

The best part about oversized frames? There is no limit to frame design and shapes. You can choose from an angular oversize frame to round or even a cat eye frame (simple womentastic!).

The Pilot Aviators:

Ok, not much needs to be said about these exotic, unisex and truly timeless design. The pilot aviators have been here for decades and will remain one of the most loved and ecstatic designs (maybe for eternity). This year, there is a heck of variations on offer for women in trendy pilot aviator shades. Choose from teardrop to flat surface and rectangular to dipping aviator frames for a blissful joy.

The reason these pilot aviators remains a timeless unisex series is due to their intrinsic ability to complement all faces and styles. You can simply carry them over as professional, casual or party eyewear and be ready to grab serious compliments.

Round and Round, Go Around!

Ok, we aren’t going to sing you a poem here. We rather are better-off sharing you a highly trending and upbeat shade design that’s truly trending among celebrities and on streets. The classic passé round glasses are back in the industry and they are here to stay. Carrying a little dramatic and retro style, these glasses have pop-out of nowhere and are a street norm today.

True round shade frames fit exquisitely with all styles including minimalist to contemporary and from casual to bohemian look. You can also choose bold reflective lenses for your round frames and get ready for some freaky looks (don’t fret those will be envying you).
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