5 Effective ways to stop Body-shaming and start feeling positive about your body!

No one is a better critique of our bodies than ourselves. Yes, we and only we are the real judges of ourselves…..

Each one of us experience days where we don’t feel like on top, with our appearance. Modern day fashion industry and media have set certain standards of beauty, which most people long to achieve. Undoubtedly, we all have body insecurities that trigger our negative monolog.

Remember, fashion is what we feel comfortable wearing because at the end of the day the only person that matters is standing at the other end of the mirror.

 “Only if I can get rid of belly fat”
“Wish I could have larger muscles”
“This clothing look hell on my belly”

Well, dwelling deep into body shame is really easy and fatal. The downward spiral of body shame eventually leads to deep resentment, dissatisfaction, and self-doubt. On the extreme end, constant body shaming can lead to utterly negative perception of one’s body.

Bad Thing…..
No one’s perfect and each one of us carries his / her own insecurities. The downward spiral of body shaming is too steep to recover with fatal effects on our overall personality and confidence.

Good Thing…..
There is no shame is carrying body-insecurities. There’s no one with perfect body! We all are born unique and it is our uniqueness that adds to our beauty. The media portrays of perfect bodies doesn’t exist in real world.

Nonetheless, here are some steps that can help you overcome downward body-shaming spiral and regain your confidence:

1.    Don’t fall for the media frenzy
Before we jump to any other point, you need to clarify one big misconception about men fashion industry. All those macho guys you idolize over the other side of screen doesn’t really possess perfect body. There is heck of behind the camera efforts that make those mysteriously handsome and masterly crafted figures to look the way you see them.
Men fashion industry is heavily inundated with the latest fashion, makeup, and designer wears. You need to keep the distance between reality and stardom if you really want to come at peace with your body-insecurities.
A good place to lookout for real men’s fashion is through men’s clothing stores like discoverman.com, where you can find trendy men’s fashion wear.

2.    Find the positives
No one knows your body better than yourself. Admittedly, it is easy to fuss body insecurities; people do it all the time. But what I want you to do is to find some positives about your body. Irrespective of your particular body-insecurity, you do possess lots of positives that no one else is blessed with.
For instance, you might be having a fat belly, but that won’t degrade your beautiful blush face. You might not be satisfied with your mediocre height, but then you might possess a great physique to compliment it. So, when talking about men’s fashion, you first need to draw your body-positives and then concentrate on men fashion items that compliments and enhance your positives. This way you can stop over-shaming your body and start noticing the positive about yourself.

3.    Be a Fashionista
Well, another important reason why so many of us aren’t satisfied with our bodies is due to our lack of commitment to look good. Don’t get it?
Come on, do you really think your favorite model carries as much elegance and style as is reflected while appearing on red carpet? No, that’s not the way things work in fashion industry. It is the designer accessories, perfectly knitted suits and a high-value watches that make them look ideally built.
So, you got to be choosy about men fashion accessories, if you really want to break away from body-shaming spiral. Lookout for designer men shirts, T-shirts, jeans, watches and other men’s fashion accessories over the men’s clothing store and try to find out the best designer wear that compliments your body type. This will help you regain your body confidence back.

4.    Be your own defender
No one has the right to criticize your body other than you. So, you might not really love your loose chest, however, you should be ready to defend yourself in case of critic from a third person.
This can only be achieved when you get comfortable with your body. So, before anyone else violate your personal space, embrace your bodily differences and do it with open heart. Again, you got to remember that there is no one with perfect body and all those mysterious bodies and beautiful faces you get to see over fashion industry comes with a lot of behind the scene creativity.

5.    Nothing beats a hearty workout
Yes, I am talking about the weight exercises. Cardio surely does help to keep you fit and healthier, however, when it comes to Manly built, nothing beats the power and effectiveness of a hearty and sweaty weight lifting session.
Go out and blast your body with a dose of adrenaline rush with heavy lifting, you’ll surely feel the gush of freshness and strength after each training session. I highly recommend weight training exercises to men of all body and built. Believe me, nothing satisfies a Manly built more than a bloody and sweaty session of weight training exercise.
“Blood, Sweat, Respect ….. First two you give, last one you earn”
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