Why is performing arts important for society?

It was thought that in the 21st century, the popularity of performing arts would diminish because of the increasing popularity of TV and internet. However, it has been observed, that performing arts is becoming increasingly popular, among the youth of today and there are many reasons for the growing popularity of the performing arts.

If you are interested to know more about the growing popularity of performing arts, then you can go through the list of those reasons given below:

  • Performing art helps in the self-expression of an individual. Theater helps a person to perfectly express themselves and is one of the best ways by which a disabled person is able to communicate. Apart from helping an individual to successfully express themselves, this art form also helps in proper self-knowledge and understanding. Theater performance helps the society in understanding the mindsets of the people living there. It is also one of the best tools, which helps an individual to understand the current conditions of the society.
  • Performing Arts also helps you in understanding the history of your culture and also educates you in a number of ways. This art form helps in understanding the mentality of the people around you and how they will behave in particular situations. Theater has a very important role to play in understanding the people of the society.
  • Creativity is one of the most important part of the society. In order to ensure that the society progresses, it is important, that the people in it develop creative skills. If a society does not have proper creative voice, then it will become dead from inside. In order to ensure that the society progresses, it is very important to have people, who have a creative bend of mind. It is important to nurture performing arts in order to ensure, that society progresses considerably.
Thus, it is quite clear from the discussion above, those performing arts, like that of theater, is important for a society to progress. Apparao Mukkamala is a 21 year theater student from the Nevada University. He always wanted to be a part of theater because he always believed in entertainment and education. He also wants people to know, that theater has brought out the best in him and wants more and more people to be a part of this performing art. 

Apparao Mukkamala wants to popularize, theater as an art form, and also wants to ensure, that people understand the importance and the purity of this art form. He himself believes, that theater, as an art form is necessary for a society to progress well. 

Apart from theater, Apparao takes a keen interest in other forms of entertainment like poker, basketball etc. He also supports his college team, known by the name of “The Rebels”. He also wants to be a part of the entertainment industry in the future. Since, he is very passionate about theater and other forms of entertainment; he wants to become an entrepreneur specializing in entertainment.
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