Why Digital Dentistry is the Wave of the Future – and Why You Need to Ride the Wave

Can you imagine how it was a century or two ago, when dentists were barbers as well? This was perhaps due to the fact that barbers essentially had almost the same tools as dentists, and were known to perform various dental procedures (extractions, more likely than not). Today, fortunately, the field of dentistry has improved by leaps and bounds, and we are lucky enough to be able to take advantage of a number of significant innovations that can help both ourselves and the patients we treat.

Amongst those innovations is, of course, digital dentistry. So why is digital dentistry so essential, and why is it the wave of the future? More importantly, why do you need to ride the wave as a dental practitioner, and how can it really benefit you?

Better workflow

If you choose to incorporate and make use of technology aided by computers, then you can easily enhance the workflow and communication between your own dental practice and that of the dental lab you choose to work with. For instance, if you have an intraoral scanner, you can easily simulate as well as produce different kinds of dental restorative work which include bridges, crowns, and so on, without having to go through the time and effort of making traditional or old-fashioned impressions.

With a scanner, all you have to do is send the image to the lab. Scanned images are also much better than traditional impressions in that you can eliminate the risk of errors and you can easily assess and review the scanned images yourself.  With digital dentistry, meaning the use of scanners, printers, high-tech microscopes, X-rays, and other advanced dental and surgical equipment, your practice can be enhanced, and your time and effort can also be significantly saved. Here’s how making a switch to digital dentistry can help your practice in more ways than one.


By using a digital impression, you can become more accurate, especially when it comes to fitting and creating dental crowns. This saves you additional time and effort, as one of the most common issues which have faced dentists for years is the remaking of dental crowns. A digital impression of the tooth is created even before the actual tooth replacement or denture is created, thus ensuring a much better and more accurate fit.


Do you want to make your patients happy? Of course! And one way to make them a lot happier is by reducing the time they have to wait for their dental crowns and other dental results. With scanning technology and the entire digital process, you can reduce the waiting time of your patients for their crowns to as little as three days and a maximum of five days.

Why stick to an old-fashioned, outdated way of doing things when you can take advantage of digital dentistry and make your practice stand out? All it takes is a little bit of investment, but the investment pays for itself in the end – sooner rather than later, as well.
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