What is the best lighting for your garage?

Garage space is now often used for a variety of purposes, because living space is at a premium. Having the correct lighting is crucial for making full use of the space.


When choosing your garage lighting, you should first decide what the space is being used for. From a DIY workshop to storage or an outside den for the kids, there are many uses (https://www.realhomesmagazine.co.uk/advice/garage-conversions-understanding-the-basics/).

To light up a two-car garage space, you would need two 8ft fluorescent fixtures, and this would provide the necessary light to do woodwork or car maintenance. If you wanted to use the space to provide an area for your teenagers to play their drums or have a pool table and games room, an IP44 rated contemporary spotlight would be perfect.


If you want to free up your kitchen and keep your white goods in the garage, an outdoor 1 gang 13 amp socket would be an ideal and safe way to supply power to the garage. To provide extra security to your property, a security light that activates automatically outside your garage can be very helpful, allowing you to see clearly when opening the garage doors.

For extra security, LED security floodlights can provide lighting, camera and speaker systems all in one. Also, to make your property look stylish, you could have decorative lighting outside the garage entrance. Wall lights are available, which won't cost much to run, because they use the latest in energy saving LED technology.

There are quite a few solar powered rechargeable LED lights available, which can last for 10 years or more and are ideal for lighting sheds and garages for normal everyday use.

A garage is a valuable asset, so you should put it to good use, whether storing boxes and unused furniture or using it as office space. To enable you to do this, you will require garage shelving https://www.garage-shelving.co.uk/, and there are many different types, for all of your needs.

These are used at the entrance of the house, just in front of the doors. Whether you are using them at the entrance of the room or at the store, customers and guests will see them and walk over them. You should make the purchased in such a manner that they fulfill your requirements at the best level.

These matting solutions are also used for covering the carpets.Other than these three types of mats available, various companies offer customized matting solutions and runners for clients. The customer orders the mats according to their needs.

Another use for your garage is a man-cave or gym. Because it is on ground level, a garage is an ideal space for a gym, but do make sure there is enough ventilation and that the floor is strong enough for the heavy equipment.

Fluorescent lighting is ideal for this purpose and bright cool white overhead lights, to ensure it is evenly illuminated.
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