Samsung Galaxy S9 will be Waterproof up to 2 hours

Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with the waterproof characteristics. And with the Galaxy S9, Samsung wants to take it further.

However, the moisture protection there is one drawback: the fact that the membrane prevents the penetration of moisture and dust into the body, it is very spoils the sound of the internal speaker. If the Galaxy S7 speaker is very good and loud, then the Galaxy S9 it sounds quieter. But here it is necessary to decide what is more important to you.Personally, I'm choosing between moisture protection and a loud speaker, choose moisture protection 10 times out of 10.

Samsung Galaxy S9smartphone screen - this is the main interface to the device, so its quality is very important. And it's not just the picture quality, but also the implementation of the touch screen: as a smartphone recognizes responses as quickly handles multitouch gestures.In terms of picture quality AMOLED-display with a resolution of 2560x1440 points almost perfect, all images appear vivid and contrasting, fine details and text look clear and readable without problems.

Moreover, among several options for display settings (they differ in saturation, contrast, and color temperature), you can choose the one that appeals to you personally. Also in the new flagship of Samsung finally reached perfection in the practice of automatic brightness adjustment algorithms, which are now instantly adapts the screen to the surrounding light conditions.

The sensor in the smartphone also works perfectly and is not inferior to the speed and accuracy of response Apple devices, which are traditionally considered to be leaders in the touch input processing.

It simply provides for touching the scree, Frankly: in 2017, when even the most affordable smartphones are equipped with a 4-core 64-bit processors, the performance is not as important as a few years ago, and reported that the flagship smartphone of company A is gaining in 10% higher test scores than smartphone B, cause only a yawn.

But still there is something indescribably pleasant to use expensive phone with a really high performance that reacts to user actions with such speed that it seems that it just provides for touching the screen.

This is the impression left by the use of Samsung Galaxy S9. By the way, in test programs, and performance ratings, it also takes the top lines.
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