Reason Why You Should Use Artificial Grass

It is always the dream of every homeowner to have the perfect green lawn where they do not need to put on so much effort in growing and maintain them. If you are thinking of real grass; it is likely impossible to have a perfect green lawn with minimal maintenance. You need to dedicate some of your time to mow, fertilize, water, and also cut it. Yes, it is a lot of work in the case of real grass lawn. 

There is actually another option to have a perfect green lawn without putting so much effort on it. The artificial grass is produced to give perfect looking green grass for your lawn with almost no maintenance required. In recent days, artificial grass becomes more and more popular for house use because it has plenty benefits. If you want that perfect looking lawn with minimal maintenance; it is the time to ditch real grass to artificial grass Phoenix AZ.

Nice looking

As aforementioned, artificial grass give you the perfect looking and everlasting green lawn. Remember those days on summer when real grass is turning yellow and demand for more water, or in winter when it turns into a mud bath when kids play on it. However, artificial grass keeps on giving the perfect looking lawn in every season. There is even artificial grass for pet owner which more persistent to pet paws. The best thing about artificial grass is it perfectly looks real. It is not actually made in green only but also in light green, slightly yellow, and dark green. The color gradation is aimed to create the natural and real shade of grass. In addition, the lengths of the artificial grass are also varies ranging from long grass of 5 cm long and shorter grass. You can just choose one to suit your needs. 

Maintenance Free

It sounds obvious, but natural lawn demand for ongoing maintenance such as mowing, weeding, watering, and also frequent cutting. It is definitely not the task for everyone because of the busy life we conduct. However, artificial grass requires almost no maintenance. If there is something disturbs the perfect look, you can just spray or sweep it. Some people may also use a vacuum cleaner to clean it. It is also recommended to professionally clean the artificial grass for once a year to keep it in perfect condition and expand the lifespan. Some artificial grass companies give five to ten years of warranty on the grass. 

Perfect for outdoor spaces

There are some outdoor areas where grasses do not well grow. If you have failed in growing the grass on the lawn for some reasons such as infertile soil condition, high traffic areas, shady gardens, small gardens, and such thing; it is the perfect situations to apply fake grass. Also, if you want to have grass in places where natural grass is impossible such as roof gardens or balconies; the artificial grass is the perfect options for the condition. 

No more environmental issues

Natural grass is always connected to environmental issue such as the use of fertilizer, water carrying chemical pollution, and also carbon emission due to the use of petrol lawn mowers. The use of fertilizer and weed remover can run off in the water drain and further pollutes rivers and oceans. There is also some restriction of hose pipe use which is damaging for real grass lawn. In fact, using the artificial grass; you may only need to water is once in a while to remove dirt. This means that you can save on some water and helps the environment in general. 

Money saving

It is your home; therefore, you need to make the lawn green and inviting all year round. Using the artificial grass will help you reduce the monthly bill as there will be less water use, no fertilizer needed, and such thing. It gives you and family member more time to play in the house instead of working on the lawn. 


The artificial grass always surprises homeowners on how versatile it can be. There are literary more than 5 different types of artificial grass for different purposes. It can be used for swimming pool ground cover, roof garden, dog run, special event, and more. You can also use kid friendly artificial grass which has shock pad underneath if you have kids around.
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