Lisa Marie Cannon on the reasons for childhood insomnia

Insomnia is the inability to stay or fall asleep. There are certain behaviors that lead to insomnia and this can affect the lives of the people who suffer from it. These days, it has been observed, that apart from adults and teenagers, even children are suffering from insomnia. The toddlers are not able to understand the amount of sleep they need, in order to stay active the entire day. So, when they are left alone, they often tend to pick up different sleeping schedules that might disrupt their rhythm and result in insomnia. In order to prevent such problems, it is important for the parents, to set up a proper schedule for the child so that they are able to get the amount of sleep that is required to remain charged up during the day. Make sure that the proper sleeping schedules are also maintained during the weekends.

There are different reasons for the occurrence of insomnia in the child, and if you are really interested to know about the different causes then you can go through the reasons given below:
  • Just like adults, even children might suffer from stress and this can be one of the major reasons for insomnia among children. So, always try to understand, what is going on in your child’s life, so that you are able to understand the reasons that are causing stress in your child. Try asking him or her about the whereabouts of school and deal with the child very patiently, so that the child is not afraid to tell you the details about the things that happened in school. Try, finding out if the child is bullied by someone, or is there something wrong at home. The child might build up a lot of stress than you can actually imagine and insomnia can be caused, as a result of the excessive stress.
  • A number of energy drinks contain caffeine that might disturb your child’s sleep and result in insomnia.
  • The drugs that are used to treat certain health conditions might also lead to insomnia among children.
  • Certain health conditions like nighttime asthma, stuffy nose, itchy skin etc. might disturb the night sleep of your child that might prevent him or her from getting a sound sleep at night. If these conditions flare up, then it is important to contact a reputed physician, Lisa Marie Cannon MD who will be able to effectively deal with such sleep disorders.
  • Your child sleep might also get disturbed by the cold, heat or noise. Make sure that the child is able to get a peaceful environment to sleep. Also see to it, that the mattress, that your child uses for sleeping is also comfortable.
But, after doing everything possible, if you still see that your child is suffering from insomnia, then consult a reputed physician like Lisa Marie Cannon MD who has a specialization in sleep medicine. She is aware of the various treatments that you child might be needing, in case he or she suffers from insomnia.
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