Hot Colour Trends to Try in Your Home

If you're looking to update your living room, don't be afraid to ditch the neutrals and go bold, as this season's colours are far from timid.

You might think of brown as dark and sombre, but with the right accessories and a statement sofa, it can really have an impact. If you have a collection of artwork, dark brown provides a great background to show it off.

Light Orange
Get a tropical feel by using light orange, which immediately cheers up any space, warming up the walls and brightening up any furniture.

Olive Green
If you like a more traditional look, olive green is a great choice. While it may initially seem too dark, it adds a sophisticated touch to any living room and can be used on shelving or bookcases too.

Sky Blue
An airy, light feel is easily achieved if you use sky blue on your walls. This could be paired with a soft grey rug or pale grey laminate flooring. Modern laminates are not longer limited to light or dark oak - they also come in subtle greys and other muted pastels. If you are looking for inspiration, check out a specialist site such as

Mint Green    
Another understated colour, but one which adds a feeling of nature, mint goes with almost anything and can again be used with a pale floor for an open feel.

Pantone announced Greenery as its colour of the year, which has seen it influencing homeware in a big way. It is a zesty shade which gives a refreshing and revitalising look.

Dusky Blue
Blue doesn't have to mean miserable, and a dark, dusky blue recalls the ocean. Use it in rooms with high ceilings to highlight the space.

Geometric Patterns
Using wallpaper on a feature wall or on all your walls will mean you are bang on trend, especially if it has a geometric design. According to The Independent,, geometric design is a must for any makeover this year.

Mellow Yellow
Yellows of all hues, from a pale butter to buttercup and even dark mustard, are proving popular in 2017. A sunshine yellow goes brilliantly with grey and white, and you could even use the same shade in a piece of furniture such as a side table or chair.

Indoor Gardening
With the rise of self-contained housing unit, human lifestyle has changed a lot. Now they do not get the chance of gardening. That affects their health and social values. The lack of greenery has increased the chances of anxiety, respiratory disorders, depression, obesity and other diseases. In a circumstance like this, indoor gardening has become a popular solution for urban citizens.

Different types of indoor gardening systems allow users to plant trees in their house. It enhances the in-house air quality by filtering the toxic substance from the air. It also lowers the risk of respiratory disorders, eye irritation and chronic headaches.

Last but not the list, it can change your eating habits by providing you fresh fruits and vegetables.
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