Google Pixel 2: Two different versions, improved CPU and increased price

Not even the Google Pixel has arrived in Europe that we are already talking about its predecessor: the Google Pixel 2, a terminal that we received the rumors.

Indeed, Google Pixel was the first (and successful) Google mobile as a manufacturer, but it seems that the big G has been left wanting more. In fact, I would already be testing this unknown Google Pixel 2.

This will be the new Google Pixel 2

Today, Google is back to news thanks to the filtration of more or less than some details of the second generation of Google Pixel, which seems to come in two variants: a real flagship and another of more economic, under the name of "Google Pixel B".

Specifically, it seems that Google is giving special attention again to the camera of this Google Pixel 2, so we can deduce that it wants to repeat podium in DxOMark and get again the best camera in a smartphone.

The characteristics of the camera in Google Pixel does not excite the imagination.In fact, its source has made an incision in "photography in low light" and citing textually "it will not have a large megapixel size" but will "compensate it with additional features".

On the other hand, the rumor also speaks of two possible CPUs from different manufacturers (Qualcomm and MediaTek?), which would be doing different tests with prototypes right now. Given that there may be a more trimmed version of this Google Pixel 2, it would not be surprising that both brought different CPU's.

If we look back, we remember that the original Google Pixel brought "resistance to splashing water" and dust, it was not completely water-resistant as could be the S7 or Xperia XZ. With this Pixel 2, but, Google is "considering" the possibility of making it completely waterproof.

The most interesting thing looks back side Google Pixel. Here, the company used an interesting approach, diluting a solid aluminum base of the glass insert. Google is working exactly on the same design but audience is expecting more this time. Google Pixel 2 design should be unexpected if it wants to gain success.

As a result (or not) of the existence of an economic version of the Google Pixel 2, it seems that the Mountain View company plans to increase the price of the device, specifically, about $ 50. Anyway, it is still too much to affirm anything, and for now, everything seems to be rumors.

650 dollars for Google Pixel and 770 dollars for Google Pixel XL - it is quite "flagship" price, about the level of Apple and Samsung. So, there are expectations that Google Pixel 2 can have more price that that of Google Pixel.
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