Efficient Ways to Get Your Employees Fill the Timesheet

Timesheets are the documents that record the time spent by a person on a specific task. These are generally used in large organizations to keep a track of the work done by the employees and the time taken by them. Traditionally the timesheets are filled manually and physically in record books but now with everything getting digitalized the timesheets are now available online and can be filled automatically.

There are many online free timesheets available for the organizations to use. They can be accessed from anywhere and they provide an accurate way to track the time employees spend on specific projects. However, it’s been observed that employees generally hate to fill the timesheets that make it difficult for the managers and supervisors to see that everybody has completely filled their accurate time sheets.

If you’re wondering how to get your employees to fill in their timesheets, here are some tips that can help you:

Keep the time tracker simple and submissions easy

Make sure that the timesheets you provide to your employees take no more than 10 minutes to be filled every day. There are timesheets that take very long to be filled which lead to the employees getting frustrated and make mistakes in the time sheet. However, having a simple timesheet keeps the employees away from the frustration and also saves a lot of time of the organization.

You should also make sure that you don’t employ complicated submission process for the timesheets.  You can simplify the submissions or even can automate the process to make the process easier. This will ensure that the employees will submit their timesheets in time without any delay.

Make your reasons of using timesheets clear to the employees

It’s very important that you communicate with your employees about how the timesheet is going to be used by the organization. You can also explain them about the importance of time entry of all the employees. By clarifying and explaining how timesheets will increase the cash flow and help speed up the billing cycle, you would be able to make your employees aware of the importance of the time sheets.

Limit the number of time tracking items and be flexible

Don’t stuff your timesheets with everything, like employee work time, project time, meeting time, and others. This will make your reports a nightmare to look after as it would be consisting everything. Instead what you can do is you can simplify the records and make categories for different things and limit the reports for the specific categories. This will free the employees from confusion and also make your report look less clumsy.

The other thing you need is to be flexible with your timesheet. This will save you from the excuses of the employees who watch the clock and take breaks to make sure they clock the precise time.

If possible automate the time tracking

It’s recommended that you eliminate as many manual processes as you can. This will not only make sure that there are fewer errors in the timesheet, but it will also save the countless hours of administrative work related to the timesheet for the employees. Also automating the timesheet will enable the employees to access if from anywhere they want.

These are some of the tips that can make the employees fill their timesheets without any hassles. If you want a good online free timesheet you can check online websites like timesheetpanda.com that can provide you good online automated timesheets.
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