Bemer Pro

The flagship product in the Bemer product line is the Bemer Pro, otherwise known as the Bemer Professional. The Bemer Pro is the signature package that includes all the components necessary to immediately enhance energy, maintain wellness, and alleviate discomfort. 

The BemerPro uses the B. Box Professional control unit to run several advanced yet simplistic programs for a user’s health.  This includes sleep programming, to be used while in a state of night time sleep, or day rest.  The Bemer Pro also offers 10 separate intensity levels, and built in pre-defined programs,to be appropriated as necessary.

One great advantage of the Bemer Pro is that the B. Box Professional contains two applicator ports, which allows users to use two different applicators simultaneously with independent timing and control.  The graphical display and touch screen display makes the process of Bemer health simple and intuitive to even first time users.

The Bemer Pro allows users to choose from 4 included application modules, the B.Pad, the B. Body Pro, the B.Spot, and the B. Light, from which they can deliver the Bemer signal to all parts of the body. 

Other additions found in the Bemer Pro include a vehicle connection cable, a wall mount for the B.Box control unit, protective goggles, and several other useful accessories that offer function and improved efficiency of Bemer treatment.

The B.Pad included with the Bemer Pro Set is meant for flexible application in small specific areas of discomfort.  The B.Light is an application module for light therapy and skin specific conditions.  The B. Spot is an even more specific applicator for targeted therapy in extremely specific areas of the body that require healing, maintenance, and rejuvenation.

The Bemer Pro is built for longevity, and carries with it user warranty policies, and a wealth of research and technology that went into its creation.  It is being used by individuals and highly trained practitioners all around the world, every single day.
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