How to send a parcel in Algeria?

Who has never gone to   send a parcel or a mail to Algeria ? We all know that sending even a piece of paper from Paris to Algiers or Oran is sometimes a miracle, and despite the geographical proximity and the important exchanges between France and Algeria, it remains a test for the one who saw it. In addition to the lack of efficiency of conventional services, the cost is sometimes exorbitant. Not to mention the delays, which would sometimes push us to ask if it’s not better to buy a ticket to his parcel .

Fortunately, the Internet has gone through that, and in the age of collaborative, a solution is now on the market to solve this problem. This solution is called Coposting. With Coposting, the galleys at the airport were finished asking travelers to carry a parcel in Algeria . No more posts on Facebook asking for help on his network.

Coposting is a collaborative platform that connects travelers to Algeria, with individual swishing to send mail or parcels. Everyone wins with Coposting: the traveler pays for his trip and the sender sends his package quickly and cheaply.

How it works? It’s very simple: just log on to and do a search by entering the departure and arrival cities of your package. You get in touch with your carrier with whom you will agree on the details of the transport.

Send a package to Algiers, Annaba or Oran becomes a child game!
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