How effective is Oxybol 50 mg as an Anadrol?

Oxymetholone is termed Oxybol 50 mg according to its pharmaceutical name. The product is an anabolic steroid available in 50 mg tabs. It is essential to know how it works with the anabolic and androgenic properties, which is why we have added information about Oxybol affectivity. Anadrole recreates the results of Oxymethalone, that too without side effects. It is one of the strongest anabolic steroids that increases red blood cells and let more oxygen pass through the muscles. The process delays fatigue and delivery muscle gain.

Review on Oxybol 50 mg

The drug of Oxybol, known as Anadrol, is made of the molecular composition of C21H32O3. The sellers of the product admit that it works like a strong androgen and resists aromatization – the process of converting testosterone to estrogen. The gains from Oxybol cycles are supposed to be really affective. There are bodybuilding websites or forums that claim that this doesn’t increase water content through edema. However, the drug can react differently in different people.
You have to consider certain factors about Oxybol tablets. For instance, some anabolic steroids are known to have stronger effect when taken through injections and not consumed as tablets. The brand of drug you choose for Oxybol 50 can be a major reason to depend on this aspect. These tablets are strong and are known to be safer than the injections.

How does the drug work on your body?

Oxybol is a version of oxymetholone, which is a synthetic anabolic steroid for male testosterone. Buying this drug without prescription is illegal, and it is not recommended or allowed for athletic performances. The oral form of this tablet is also known as Anadrol-50:50 mg. This mainly adds to the content of red blood cells. Medically, people are prescribed to use this when they have anemia when bone marrows fails to product levels of new red blood cells.

The drug doesn’t provide immediate results, and can take about 6 months to give you significant outcome. You are recommended to start consuming 10 mg doses of Oxybol 50, but also pay attention to how your body reacts to it. Anadrol is often stacked with more steroids as it is one of the most common ones. You still need to consider the safe combination that you could do with, and not consume just about anything.

Side Effects

The Oxybol 50 mg is one of the stronger drugs that you could take. This also adds to having more side effects and probable conditions that you can have are:
  • Unrest in central nervous system leading to insomnia or excitability
  • Cardiovascular conditions like atherosclerosis, peripheral edema and coronary artery disease
  • Acne, hirsutism in women, baldness in men
  • Metabolic and endocrine dysfunction that lead to gynecomastia
  • Less of good cholesterol, hypernatremia and hypercalcemia
  • Liver damage
  • Kidney damage
  • Issues in the genitourinary tract like priapism, potential for prostatic hyperplasia for elderly males, impotence, irritation, testicular dysfunction, testicular atrophy, and more.
There are inevitable gains from Oxybol cycles as it helps you in muscle building, body strengthening and overall physical development. However, you need to verify if your doctor could allow you to use it according to your present body condition.
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