General Myths about counselling therapy busted!

When someone talks about counselling people listening would think that it is not for everyone, making this topic an uncomfortable one to speak of. Therefore, many people hesitate to discuss about counselling clinics and cancel their decision to get appointment to meet a counsellor. Before taking such decisions based on myth and common grounds, it is suggested to read the following myths that surround counselling therapy and how they are far away from truth.

Myth: Counselling is undertaken by mentally retarded

Reality: Everyday problems sum up to become unbearable and counselling deals with these problems. It might include miscommunication in marriage, stress at work, improper caring of children, sleep abnormalities, emotional disturbances, etc. Anything that is problematic can be taken care of through counselling and one can know by visiting Bayridge Counselling Kitchener

Myth: Only weak people opt for therapy

Reality: Psychological strength is not judged as it is displayed during the toughest of life situations. It is very hard to acknowledge that one needs help. Therefore, people who conceal their problems are weaker than the ones who admit that they need therapy. People who actually think of going to licensed counselling centres are the ones who want take control of their lives.

Myth: Small problems do not need counselling

Reality: As mentioned before small problems can accumulate to create the direst of situations in life. Even small decisions in life can be quite stressful and a single bad decision can turn the tide. Anything related to anxiety, stress, melancholy, worry, etc. can be taken care of by taking counselling. 

Myth: Counselling therapy is worthless for some problems

Reality: Most people think that their problems are beyond medicine or the field of psychology; however, it is not the case. The counselling clinics are specified to handle patients who are suffering from psychological instabilities ranging from stress quarrels to tendency to slaughter someone. So, remember that no problem is greater and counselling can take care of it with proficiency. 

Myth: How can a stranger [counsellor] help with personal problems?

Reality: Those who have experienced therapy would say that the counsellors have brought out more information than family or friends. This is because counsellors are great at using words that would help the patient feel like he or she is his companion. The professional licensed counselling centres are experienced in handling such cases everyday and can take care of any problem.

Myth: Counselling works for only a set period of time

Reality: This is true in the case of people who do not take counselling seriously. However, people who really want to change themselves will never go into the wrong path again. The words and the suggestions used by the counselling therapist works brilliantly. It depends on the individual to follow the right path or waver into the wrong path again. 

All these myths are created by people who do not have knowledge about counselling therapy or those who have weak psychological conditions. Therefore, people need not worry about undergoing counselling therapy and they can select the best centre to get rid of the disturbances.
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